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July 16, 2020

When it comes to touchless shopping, no technology does it all

Spurred by Amazon and other convenience-oriented brands employing breakthrough technology, the grocery industry was already moving toward a digital transformation aimed at making shopping for food faster, easier, and more fun. As early as January 2019, 73% of consumers said they were in favor of self-service technologies to improve the shopping experience and reduce human interaction, according to SOTI’s Annual Connected Retailer Survey.

June 26, 2020

Why touchless technologies add a touch of strength to healthcare

COVID-19 is highlighting the importance of a reliable and high-performing healthcare system. Whether it’s tools, pharmaceuticals or personal protective equipment (PPE) – having sufficient, reliable and safe supplies is truly vital for staff and patients alike, even more so during these challenging times. RFID enables visibility of every tagged item in the healthcare and pharmaceutical supply chain, virtually anytime and anywhere.

June 05, 2020

Enabling Safer Supply Chains with Touchless Technologies

COVID-19 is putting enormous pressure on supply chains worldwide. In a recent global survey among key executives from technology, logistics, retail and supply chain, over 63% of respondents believe the COVID-19 pandemic will bring supply chain behaviors into even sharper focus. How can RFID help?

June 03, 2020

COVID-19 Ups the Ante in the Race for Convenience

The need for social distancing is accelerating the trend toward more convenient, digitally enabled, "frictionless" shopping. Innovators are turning to RFID for better customer experiences, vastly improved inventory management, and more. Julie Vargas, our Intelligent Labels global director of RFID market development for Food, shares her perspective on the new meaning of “convenience” in a post pandemic world.

May 20, 2020

The End of Queues? A Road Map to Overcome the COVID-19 Era

We’ve seen major retailers shut their doors, whilst stores that stock the essentials are implementing drastic measures to keep the public safe. Queues however, could still be a hotbed for the spreading of
COVID-19… Are ‘Scan and Go’ platforms an effective — and potentially permanent — solution?

May 06, 2020

Touchless Retail Experiences – the New Normal

COVID-19 will contribute to a fundamental shift in consumer behavior. For Francisco Melo, vice president and general manager, Global Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison, it’s clear that retail as we know it will need to further innovate and ‘touchless’ retail concepts will help brick and mortar stores not only defend their territory but shape the future of retail.

April 23, 2020

From Soil to Table: How Regenerative Agriculture Is Changing Food Transparency

Regenerative agriculture – a method of farming that actively enriches soil and eco-systems rather than depleting them – is on the rise. The Future Laboratory looks at the companies using packaging and storytelling strategies to make the connection between the food you eat, the soil it grows in, and how this affects the planet.

March 26, 2020

The Future Laboratory Examines Carlsberg's Green Packaging Initiative

Consumers’ concern about their environmental impact has grown consistently in the past 5 years. In response, brands are investigating alternative packaging solutions to reduce their environmental impact. For Carlsberg Group, part of that mission is its Green Fibre Bottle project. The Future Laboratory speaks to Myriam Shingleton, Carlsberg’s vice-president of group development, about the progress the brand is making to create a viable paper bottle.

March 09, 2020

Cosmetics Are Now One of the Top Counterfeited Items in the World. What Can Beauty Brands Do About It? 

Cosmetics now rank in the top-ten counterfeited items in the UK, posing a real threat to both consumers and brands. The Future Laboratory speaks with Foreo North America on how the beauty device brand is tackling counterfeit products in the age of the internet.

November 13, 2019

Helping EY Capture the Advantages of RFID for Grupo Boticário 

Tags purpose-built for beauty, deep expertise, and above-and-beyond collaboration made Avery Dennison the right partner for the beauty industry’s first RFID deployment in Brazil. Seeking end-to-end traceability across its increasingly complex supply chain, Grupo Boticário hired EY to help the company test RFID tagging for 6 months in 2018. The results reduced stockouts by 97%, decreased labor by 14%, and increased revenue.

November 01, 2019

Enabling Digitisation at Unprecedented Scale for Ralph Lauren 

Avery Dennison's partnership with Ralph Lauren is the first time a major fashion brand has applied digitisation on a massive scale. By incorporating Janela™ and RFID technology into digitally enabled labels, the brand is building greater visibility, integrity and efficiency into its supply chain and creating the opportunity for a richer consumer experience. Covered in detail by Women’s Wear Daily and in the World Economic Forum white paper ‘Supply Chain Collaboration through Advanced Manufacturing Technologies’.

October 10, 2019

Refillable Beauty Packaging Is Becoming Aspirational 

Once a niche concept, more beauty brands are embracing refills and redesigning their product to make it a luxurious proposition. The Future Laboratory and Avery Dennison explore this future trend and how to leverage it using Intelligent Labels tech.

October 02, 2019

Bringing Technology into Packaging 

As consumers become more aware of the products they eat, food producers and brands are looking for smart and sustainable packaging alternatives that respond to their needs and have a positive effect on their supply chain and ultimately the environment.

September 05, 2019

How the Personalised Nutrition Revolution will Reshape Food Packaging and Labeling 

As consumers’ health journeys become more individualised, The Future Laboratory explores how brands are tailoring nutrition, and what its effect might be on products as they appear on the shelves.

August 07, 2019

How One Company is Combating Food Waste Through Intelligent Tupperware 

The Future Laboratory speaks with Tal Lapidot, CEO of Silo on how his company’s vacuum-seal storage system will change the way we interact with food in the home.

June 29, 2019

Enabling Transparency and Visibility Across the Fashion Supply Chain 

Improving transparency and visibility in the fashion supply chain helps avoid waste and create a sustainable circular economy.

June 08, 2019

What's in a label? Blockchain and the Future of Food and Drink Packaging 

Our first article with Future Lab highlights the opportunity for the food industry to embrace blockchain and opens the discussion on how Intelligent Labels will transform the future of retail. 


The Food Industry and Digital Transformation

At RFID Journal Live!, Julie Vargas, Director, Global RFID Market Development alongside Sowmya Varadarajan, Industry Solutions Executive, IBM - discussed how new business models, e-commerce, consumer behaviour and digital solutions are transforming the food industry.


Blockchain is Bringing Trust Back into the Beef Industry

The beef industry, and wider agricultural sector, has traditionally conducted business based on trust - the trust between producer and buyer that animals have been raised as claimed. As producers have expanded globally, that trust has been eroded as it becomes impossible for buyers to know their producers in the same way they used to.


WaveSafe™ First Microwave Safe Solution

Avery Dennison unveils the first UHF RFID tag solution that is suitable for microwave use, providing a true end-to-end solution for the food industry. The first microwave safe UHF RFID label uses AD25Xr6-P designed specifically for the food industry, avoiding arcing or excessive heating when used as recommended if subjected to a microwave environment, enabling food safety, compliance, high performance item-level tracking.


Are you Ready for the Connected Products Age?

With the holidays and NRF behind us, companies can go back to puzzling over an aspect of business that, despite consuming billions of dollars and inestimable amounts of time, too often comes down to a rough estimate or an outright guess—improving inventory management.


The Food Industry and Disruptive Change

At the first ever GroceryShop in Las Vegas, leaders from CPG, grocery and the tech startup community discussed the challenges facing the food industry and the opportunities to pivot the way we chose what we eat, source and buy.


Avery Dennison at LATAM Retail in Brazil

The face of retail is changing around the globe and the Avery Dennison team in Latin America is leading the discussion on how retailers and brands can drive new in-store and supply chain fulfillment models while enhancing consumer experiences.


RFID Solves Inventory Management Challenges

The beauty industry is fast growing and now more than ever beauty retailers command inventory visibility, both in store and online, one of the main challenges beauty retailers face is significant inventory distortion, since product breadth routinely is favored over product depth.


New York Fashion Tech Lab 2018

At Avery Dennison we are committed to empowering female innovators and were thrilled to have been a sponsor of New York Fashion Tech Lab 2018. We had the opportunity to work with founder and CEO, Sarah Krasley of Shimmy Technologies, who is changing automation for apparel design and manufacturing with a cloud-based platform.


Aviation Industry Aims to Global RFID-Enabled Luggage Handling by 2020

Consumer satisfaction is key and lost baggage has always been a major issue for airlines worldwide. The aviation industry has widely invested in improving its ability to handle passenger luggage and comply with customer demands.