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New market insights report:

The supply chain revolution
is upon us

We are on the cusp of a new era for supply chains. And no question, digital innovation and innovators will lead the charge.

In our latest market insights report we explore the imminent digital transformation that is taking over supply chains all over the world, featuring new research and interviews with key global executives.

Digital Identities: Technologies that can help propel the success of beauty brands and retailers in these unprecedented times

Seamlessly merging the physical and digital world has become imperative and the lack of end-to-end, item level clarity has proven to be detrimental to retailers who have to juggle ever-evolving consumer demands — especially during COVID-19. In our latest webinar with WWD, we explored the role of digital identities for Beauty, opening up a conversation on how digital transformation is necessary to future proof the industry.

Enabling Digitisation at Unprecedented Scale for Ralph Lauren

Avery Dennison's partnership with Ralph Lauren is the first time a major fashion brand is undertaking digitisation on a massive scale. By incorporating Janela™ and RFID technology into their digitally enabled labels, the brand is building greater visibility, integrity and efficiency into its supply chain and creating the opportunity for a richer consumer experience.

Helping EY Capture the Advantages of RFID for Grupo Boticário

Tags purpose-built for beauty, deep expertise, and above-and-beyond collaboration made Avery Dennison the right partner for the beauty industry’s first RFID deployment in Brazil. Seeking end-to-end traceability across its increasingly complex supply chain, Grupo Boticário hired EY to help the company test RFID tagging for 6 months in 2018. The results reduced stockouts by 97%, decreased labor by 14%, and increased revenue.

The Future of Frictionless Food

Frictionless grocery shopping isn’t “the future” anymore. It’s happening right now, as grocers, convenience stores, and upstart brands deploy it in the fight for stomach share. 

In this report, we uncover true insights about the latest changes in the food industry – in a world where COVID-19 has suddenly made digitally enabled shopping not just a convenience, but a life-saver.

RFID in Aviation: Myths Debunked

During these challenging times, staying connected matters more than ever. The spreading of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) means the aviation industry is facing unprecedented challenges; now is the time to work together and plan ahead for the future. Avery Dennison partnered up with SICK, Inc. on a webinar session about the impact of RFID on the aviation industry.

Avery Dennison Acquires Smartrac

We are excited to announce that Avery Dennison’s acquisition of Smartrac has now closed and that Smartrac has become an Avery Dennison company, combined with Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Labels business. We believe in a future where every physical item will have a unique identity and digital life.

The combination of the 2 organizations enables us to leverage and build on our deep industry knowledge and know-how in technology and innovation, R&D, quality and service to access new markets and drive RFID and technology adoption across multiple industries. The combined business will further enable us to better serve our customers globally given the unparalleled product portfolio and capabilities to innovate and deliver in high scale across multiple production facilities in Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Innovation Spotlight

Avery Dennison and Smartrac Introduce Combined Product Finder

In February 2020, Avery Dennison acquired Smartrac, a leading innovator in the development and manufacture of RFID inlays. Smartrac’s products will continue to be fully available – offering you access to both Avery Dennison’s and Smartrac’s comprehensive, industry leading and high-quality product range.

To check our full, combined product portfolio, visit our product and solution finder, now located on the Smartrac website.


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