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We are Avery Dennison RFID.

As an early innovator of Radio Frequency Identification, Avery Dennison has now become a global leader in RFID-enabled technologies with more than 1000 patents and applications, and state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities located around the world. Ten years and over ten billion RFID inlays later, leading retailers and brands continue to partner with us–from business case development to complete solution rollout–to bring greater efficiency, reliability, and accuracy to their global supply chains. And while our RFID innovations have transformed productivity in the apparel retail space, we are also seeing firsthand how our solutions are streamlining operations, improving inventory management, and facilitating distribution in other sectors, like perishable foods, cosmetics, and aviation.


Redefining the power of possibility at NRF 2020

“We’re looking into a future where every item will have a unique digital identity - a digital twin - which opens unprecedented connectivity with everyday products” says Francisco Melo, Vice President and General Manager, Intelligent Labels, Avery Dennison. With this vision, Avery Dennison invited visitors at NRF 2020 to join the “almost everything conversation” by going on an interactive journey across the entire retail supply chain - from source to consumer. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you at EuroShop 2020, February 16-20, Booth A42, Hall 6 to continue the conversation


Smartrac Acquisition

Avery Dennison has agreed to acquire the RFID inlay business of Smartrac, a leading manufacturer of high-value RFID products, as part of our strategy to expand our Intelligent Labels business across multiple market segments. The combined expertise of our companies will allow us to capture the opportunity for every physical item to have a unique digital identity and digital life, and enable a future of connectivity across supply chains all the way through to the consumer.

Avery Dennison helps Sodexo Capture the Benefits of RFID in New Grab-to-Go Food Services

By using Avery Dennison WaveSafeTM labels, Sodexo was able to maintain a convenient, cashless experience and ensure around-the-clock customer safety while still reaping the benefits of RFID technology.

A Thing of Beauty:
Helping EY Capture the Advantages of RFID for Grupo Boticário

Tags purpose-built for beauty, deep expertise, and above-and-beyond collaboration made Avery Dennison the right partner for the beauty industry’s first RFID deployment in Brazil. Seeking end-to-end traceability across its increasingly complex supply chain, Grupo Boticário hired EY to help the company test RFID tagging for six months in 2018. The results reduced stockouts by 97 percent, decreased labor by 14 percent, and increased revenue.

Enabling Digitisation at Unprecedented Scale for Ralph Lauren

Avery Dennison's partnership with Ralph Lauren is the first time a major fashion brand is undertaking digitisation on a massive scale. By incorporating Janela™ and RFID technology into their digitally enabled labels, the brand is building greater visibility, integrity and efficiency into its supply chain and creating the opportunity for a richer consumer experience. The initiative has been covered in detail by Women’s Wear Daily and also by the World Economic Forum in the White Paper ‘Supply Chain Collaboration through Advanced Manufacturing Technologies'.

Refillable Beauty Packaging is Becoming Aspirational

Once a niche concept, more beauty brands are embracing refills and redesigning their product to make it a luxurious proposition. The Future Laboratory and Avery Dennison explore this future trend and how to leverage it using Intelligent Labels tech.

How One Company is Combating Food Waste Through Intelligent Tupperware

The Future Laboratory speaks with Tal Lapidot, CEO of Silo on how his company’s vacuum-seal storage system will change the way we interact with food in the home.

Enabling Transparency and Visibility Across the Fashion Supply Chain

Improving transparency and visibility in the fashion supply chain helps avoid waste and create a sustainable circular economy.

The Food Industry and Digital Transformation

At RFID Journal Live!, Julie Vargas, Director, Global RFID Market Development alongside Sowmya Varadarajan, Industry Solutions Executive, IBM - discussed how new business models, e-commerce, consumer behaviour and digital solutions are transforming the food industry.

RFID for Converters

We boast an array of solutions for converters, able to adapt our knowledge and expertise in inlays to work with long-standing partners and industry leaders to provide the best possible results and ROI for any business.

Customer demand for supply chain optimization, increased visibility and improved inventory accuracy is increasing, Avery Dennison can work with you to ensure there are appropriate RFID solutions available for your entire customer base. We have the knowledge and expertise you can trust with proven market application to support your business needs.

RFID for Retail

We are the largest UHF RFID partner in the retail industry, with over 800 patents and applications worldwide. Our leadership in integrated solutions continues to drive success in the retail sector and is easily translated from apparel to other areas of retail based on our proven expertise in labeling and branding solutions.

Unlike traditional track-and-trace technologies, RFID 
assigns a unique identifier for each individual tagged item 
and requires no direct line of sight in the retail environment.
That means RFID has the power to:

  • Enable inventory accuracy close to 99% in retail stores
  • Facilitate last-minute inventory replenishment, reducing inventory and out-of-stocks
  • Monitor product quality for foods and supply pedigree data
  • Provides an identifier to highlight counterfeiting returns
  • Reduce shrink
  • Enhance the omnichannel retail consumer experience

Avery Dennison is pleased to announce the launch of  AD-665u8, a Gen2 UHF RFID inlay suitable for a wide variety of RFID tagging applications.

Due to its strong performance on high dielectric materials, AD-665u8 is an excellent choice for tagging glass windshields for automobile tracking, where it can achieve read distances of over 10 meters with a fixed or handheld reader. It is also recommended for race timing and many other types of applications where tracking human body movement in real-time is required.

Avery Dennison RFID Solutions Product Portfolio 864 KB (PDF)

Driving Leaner and Faster Supply Chains with RFID

The Future of Supply Chain special Business Reporter edition hosted by The Telegraph Online, features thought leaders  from across the supply chain industry, exploring how retailers, suppliers and brands can meet and exceed customer expectations by keeping track of all the goods and operations.

View the interview with Francisco Melo and discover how RFID can improve operational efficiency, brand protection and traceability.

Experimenting with RFID: Behind the Scenes of Innovation

What started as a ‘garage shop’ in 2005 has evolved into a state-of-the-art testing facility for RFID technology and applications in Miamisburg, Ohio.

RFID + Sustainability

Avery Dennison is a committed partner to our customers, helping them increase efficiencies with better item-level accuracy throughout their global supply chain. In doing this, we also help them achieve their sustainability goals by reducing waste and their overall environmental impact.

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