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RFID and digital ID for the automotive industry

The automotive industry is constantly seeking to automate and improve its manufacturing and logistics processes. That includes coordinated collaboration with suppliers and service providers based on harmonized and reliable standards. 

For carmakers and component suppliers, RFID and digital ID technologies have become a key enabler for ‘Industry 4.0’ solutions that result in a dramatic increase in production efficiency. The benefits of these technologies include comprehensive visibility throughout the supply chain, complete control of manufacturing processes, and effective anti-counterfeiting and anti-diversion measures.

Improving visibility and quality

Offering a broad range of benefits for the automotive industry, from tire quality monitoring to item-level manufacturing, Avery Dennison enables companies to have complete quality control and improved visibility throughout the production process.

Digital ID technologies don’t stop when conditions within the manufacturing process become challenging: RFID technologies from Avery Dennison are designed to accommodate the specific requirements of the automotive industry. They withstand harsh and demanding conditions such as extreme temperatures, chemicals, shocks, vibrations and rough handling.

In addition to its comprehensive RAIN RFID (UHF) product family, Avery Dennison also provides passive RFID sensor tags for car manufacturing. Based on specifically developed ICs, the sensor tags have the ability to measure moisture, liquid or temperature in their environment and pass the information to a reader. The sensor technology solution can be used in high-volume applications, unlike conventional, active RFID sensors – without disproportionate investment. UHF sensor tags are not only cost-efficient, but also very low maintenance, and easier to recycle in an eco-friendly manner than sensor technology solutions that require battery support.

A portfolio for car access applications

In addition to products and solutions that improve manufacturing and logistics processes, our product portfolio comprises various types of glass tags, plastic bricks and systems on chips (SoCs) for applications such as car immobilizers, remote control, passive keyless entry and remote keyless entry. The products are available in different types depending on the respective car specifications, live up to the high demands of the automotive market, and fulfill the most stringent requirements in terms of security and quality.

At a glance: typical applications

  • Tracking and tracing of parts and components
  • Supply-chain and inventory visibility
  • Vehicle finishing and shipment
  • Leakage detection

So, what does that mean in practice?

Porsche uses RFID to track prototype testing, improve security

The sportscar manufacturer tracks which components are installed in its prototype vehicles, and monitors the cars' locations to reduce their chances of being seen by unauthorized parties.

RFID drives efficiency for Kia vehicle finishing and shipment

U.K. logistics provider Paragon Automotive is using Smartrac's passive UHF RFID tags to track the receipt, finishing, storage and shipment of cars at its workshops and outdoor storage compound.

Audi cars: advancement through technology

German premium automaker Audi has deployed an RFID-based system for tracking assembled vehicles at its Hungarian facility. Utilizing Smartrac’s Dogbone™ UHF tags, the system provides information about each car’s position in the finishing, storage and shipping processes. This results in reduced labor for the drivers who have to locate and transport the vehicles, as well as increased visibility for production management.