High Quality RFID inlays and tags

Obsessed with quality

It may sound trivial, but it’s nonetheless true: Quality is Number 1, and to Avery Dennison, it is more than just a product feature or a mindset. Quality has to be firmly anchored in the minds of all stakeholders, it has to be designed, engineered, tested, and -- probably the most demanding aspect -- it has to be reliably manufactured at high volumes.

Assurance for customers: our ARC quality certification

Widely known as one of the RFID industry’s most important independent authorities, the RFID Lab at Auburn University confirms that we succeed in this respect. We were the first and only company to receive Auburn University ARC accreditation for the design and manufacture of our RFID inlays, gained after an extensive audit. This valuable, independent mark of quality certifies our products and solutions and reinforces our dedication to customers, partners and users across our facilities.

Additionally, the RFID Lab at Auburn University has also officially approved dozens of our inlay products, and the university is not alone in this recognition: Other highly regarded certification bodies and industry associations including the NFC Forum and GS1 (Global Standards One) have tested and certified a large number of our inlays.  

100 percent error-free function 

Companies use our products with confidence. ​Our long record of designing and manufacturing RFID inlays, labels and tags, as well as our global research and testing facilities, enable us to deliver high-quality, rigorously tested products that are consistently dependable. Our inlay manufacturing facilities enable us to meet customer demand globally and with unrivaled quality. To ensure the continuously high quality of all our RFID products, Avery Dennison runs some of the best-in-class, most comprehensive, most innovative manufacturing sites within the RFID industry, with state-of-the-art factories across APAC, EMEA and the Americas. We can guarantee that 100 percent of the inlays on every roll we deliver will function when leaving the factory, with the option to mark non-functional inlays.