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RFID and digital ID for healthcare and pharmaceutical

Increasingly, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, pharmacies, and other healthcare providers are looking for ways to better manage costs, increase efficiencies, ensure higher employee and patient satisfaction and, most importantly, improve patient safety.

Improving the performance of the entire system

Digital ID technologies can contribute to the performance of the entire healthcare system, which involves many processes that need identification, monitoring, controlling and documenting – strongholds of touchless RFID technologies.

From pharmacies to hospitals, RFID can help itemize and sort stock to ensure quality and prevent waste. The benefits go beyond return on investment as it has the potential to save lives. That’s why Avery Dennison has developed a portfolio of high-quality products, including tamper-evident RFID labels, and luminescent labels that provide pharmacists, hospitals, and those they are treating with vital information. These critical RFID-enabled solutions streamline efficiencies, improve accuracy, and help manage costs, all while fighting pharmaceutical brand counterfeiting. 

Accurate tracking and authentication of medication

Integrating RFID into pharmaceutical products helps improve patient safety by enabling more accurate tracking and authentication of medication through the entire supply chain, with the goal of reducing error rates to nearly zero. It also eliminates the need for costly and, most important in today’s situation, labor-intensive in-house medication tagging, hence removing a considerable burden from the shoulders of hospital staff. 

At a glance: typical applications

  • Tracking and tracing of instruments, pharmaceuticals and samples
  • Inventory accuracy
  • Product authentication
  • Pharmaceutical drug safety and anti-counterfeiting
  • Patient safety and satisfaction

So, what does that mean in practice?

Safer Patients, Smarter Supply Chains. How RFID delivers benefits for pharma and healthcare

Today when supply chain visibility and product authentication are more important than ever, RFID technology provides end-to-end inventory and item tracking solutions for increased patient safety, transparency, accuracy, visibility, and security, starting at the point of manufacture.

Identify RFID: Automating inventory management for healthcare

Identify RFID, an RFID solutions provider in Thailand, has developed the Intelligent Cabinet solution, which combines RFID capabilities and cloud-based technologies to give medical suppliers and healthcare organizations dramatically increased visibility into their inventories, enabling them to improve inventory management, security, and efficiency. Clear visibility and precise management are critical especially for high value consignment goods that are kept at the customers’ site with little control or knowledge of the inventory status or movements.

NFC and blockchain to guarantee authenticity of COVID-19 test kits and PPE

Smartrac, an Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY) company, and blockchain startup SUKU, have announced a digital verification solution to authenticate COVID-19 testing kits and personal protective equipment (PPE). The NFC-powered platform enables instant verification of authenticity and provides end-to-end supply-chain transparency.