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The industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of digital ID technologies

Whether it’s product digitization and authentication, item tracking, supply-chain optimization, or richer consumer encounters, Avery Dennison’s comprehensive portfolio of digital ID technologies will fulfill your needs. 

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of high-performing, high-quality RFID products in the UHF, HF/NFC and LF frequency bands. Expertly manufactured with minimal environmental impact and thoroughly tested to industry-leading quality standards, our RFID products can also be customized to individual requirements, broadening their fields of application even further.

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Our team of experts will support you in finding the most suitable products for your application needs.

If you prefer to start with your own research, or if you’re just curious and want to get an overview of what Avery Dennison has in store, you can start by visiting our product-related pages:


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Explore our progressive portfolio of digital ID technologies to choose the product or solution that fits your business needs.

Inlays and tags

Our extensive RFID technology portfolio covers a wide range of inlay designs for operation in the UHF, HF and NFC frequency bands, and are commonly found in a wide range of industries.

Hard tags

Avery Dennison offers a broad range of RFID products for use in the demanding and harsh environments commonly found in these industries, as well as logistics and supply-chain applications.

Sustainable tags

We offer the industry’s largest portfolio of inlays that live up to our sustainability promise, and our goal is to create products that are third-party verified, providing market guidance and clarity on what is a truly sustainable RFID inlay.


Avery Dennison can provide robust solutions to satisfy the demand for cost-effective and reliable environment monitoring solutions – a portfolio of passive RFID sensor inlays and temperature loggers.


Our long record of designing and manufacturing RFID inlays, labels and tags, as well as our global research and testing facilities, enable us to deliver high-quality, rigorously tested products that are consistently dependable.

Digital ID solutions

A unique digital ID for every item, everywhere – a digital twin, a digital personality, a means of connectivity, and a portal to a digital brand universe. All connected to provide unmatched value-added services.

TexTrace connected textiles

The TexTrace technology enables custom-made woven and knitted RFID products which can be sewn onto or inserted into garments. It provides brands and retailers with an all-in-one solution for improved inventory management, loss prevention applications, omnichannel operations, contactless checkouts and many other value-adding business processes.