E-books, Market Reports and White Papers

E-books, Market Reports and White Papers

Discover our innovations and how we’re applying them in the real world.

Apparel and Fashion

Threads of Change: How digital technology powers textile circularity from design to deployment

Circularity is the key to tackling this problem- and digital technologies play a key role in that transformation. Our 2024 Threads of Change report takes a deep dive into the future of fashion and apparel, explores how circularity can transform supply chains and sets out the practical steps manufacturers need to take to maximize the opportunity for data-driven circularity.

Etam Group turns to RFID to offer best-in-class consumer experience and boost its sustainability objectives

Today, consumers are discovering brands in new ways, and seeking convenience, transparency, and new experiences to guide their shopping decisions.  Read how the #1 lingerie brand in France has adopted digital ID technologies to drive omnichannel innovation and transparency. 


3 Game-changers for automotive component production leaders

Supply chain visibility has become critical for the automotive industry. Manufacturers need more visibility in real time, including material stock and inventory tracking at suppliers, and at assembly plants to deliver targets, minimize disruption, and reduce waste. Visibility at scale means automating part and inventory identification, and ensuring data is connected across the supply chain.

Tracking every part

Supply chain visibility has become the key factor in helping automotive manufacturers make quick decisions about their inventory, increase production efficiency and enable complete control of manufacturing processes. Find out in this whitepaper how RFID allows OEMs and suppliers to gain the real-time manufacturing and usage data they need to manage today’s production complexities including effective anti-counterfeiting and anti-div


Transforming aviation with RFID

In the past couple of years, the aviation industry has made tremendous strides in its ongoing fight against lost luggage, and the introduction of IATA Resolution 753 is driving the industry to take a step forward, by mandating the use of RFID tags to reduce luggage losses as much as possible.

Food and Beverage

The future of frictionless food

Frictionless grocery shopping isn’t “the future” anymore. It’s happening right now, as grocers, convenience stores, and upstart brands deploy it in the fight for stomach share. In this report, we uncover true insights about the latest changes in the food industry – in a world where COVID-19 has suddenly made digitally enabled shopping not just a convenience, but a life-saver.

Prospects for labeling solutions in the retail Food industry

Over the past three years, the food industry has seen major shifts in business models, e-commerce and customer expectations. As a result, fully understanding and most importantly adopting technology and automation is likely to become crucial for grocers and retailers globally. Find out more In our latest report in partnership with Globaldata.

Building resilience in grocery

COVID-19 has been a major disrupter across the food industry. In some cases, such as restaurants, the disruption has had a negative impact on their bricks-and-mortar locations as well as their supply chain partners. But the grocery segment is different. Both online and in-store sales have seen a significant increase, shining a spotlight on major challenges as consumers shift their shopping to online platforms.

Digital transformation to prevent food waste

Food waste has become an enormous challenge across the global grocery, restaurant and consumer landscape. This report in partnership with Coresight aims to raise awareness while exploring the scope of the issue for food retailers in North America. Read how technology can be used to manage and reduce food waste to benefit retailers and the environment.

Pharamceutical and Healthcare

Zero samples lost: RFID empowering healthcare experts in clinical laboratories

Imagine having visibility on where your samples have been, where they  are and where they are going, a state where zero samples are lost. Get a glimpse of the Future of Healthcare. Discover how RFID technology empowers experts in clinical laboratories, optimizes sample management and enhances patient care.

Smarter supply chains, safer patients

Today when supply chain visibility and product authentication are more important than ever, RFID technology provides end-to-end inventory and item tracking solutions for increased patient safety, transparency, accuracy, visibility, and security, starting at the point of manufacture.


The future of retail

Avery Dennison partnered with publishing house Raconteur to produce its report on the “Future of Retail”. It highlights how RFID is revolutionizing the retail industry and features valuable strategies, relevant case studies, and tips from industry leaders who are charting a course for success within their own organizations. Learn more about the importance of RFID and how it can benefit your business.

RFID and Digital IDs

Passive RFID: Market trends and new market opportunities

The adoption of RFID technology is accelerating in many sectors. Retail, and particularly apparel, has received a lot of attention in the media, but the use of RFID is expanding in many other industries. Find out how the RFID market is evolving, where the biggest market opportunities are, and how systems integrators can seize those opportunities.

New market opportunities for label converters

Already widely used across the retail sector, the application of intelligent labels to an expanding range of industries – such as beauty, apparel, automotive manufacture, logistics, healthcare and aviation – means increasing prospects for label converters. You can access the full White Paper below.

RFID moves to the cloud: New opportunities emerge for enterprise solution providers

Item level tracking with RFID generates unique data, proving it to be a critical enabler of digitization and opening up new use cases for enterprise cloud based platforms. The latest ebook from IDC discusses how software and solution providers can benefit from incorporating RFID data points into their systems and solutions to benefit their customers.

RFID provides solutions for omnichannel grocery

With the widespread adoption of omnichannel grocery shopping, retailers are looking at technology solutions to overcome the challenges of online grocery fulfillment. RFID is a technology that is providing solutions to meet the challenges of today. We partnered with GroceryDive to take a deep dive on the key trends and challenges retailers are facing today and the key role of RFID to omnichannel success.

IoT and the imminent supply chain digital transformation

We are on the cusp of a new era for supply chains. And – no question – digital innovation and innovators will lead the charge. In our latest market insights report, we explore the imminent digital transformation that is taking over supply chains all over the world, featuring new research and interviews with key global executives.



Retail in the age of regeneration

Our latest report in partnership with  The Future Laboratory explores new trends that are calling on businesses to go beyond sustainability and towards regenerative retail model. Check out expert interviews, consumer insights and emerging trends that will drive transformation in the decade ahead.

Zero waste futures

What are the trends and drivers that will unleash a wave of transformation towards a zero waste future? We partnered with The Future Laboratory, the renowned futures consultancy, to create the “Zero Waste Futures” foresight report, which offers a comprehensive view of key drivers, trends and action points for stakeholders in the Food, Apparel and Beauty sectors.

The new transparency

From sustainable materials to supply chains, from digital identities to blockchain, new innovations are racing to match the increasing consumer demands for brands to provide more transparency than ever before. “The New Transparency” report – in partnership with The Future Laboratory, a global forecast agency – delves into this exciting frontier, where cutting-edge solutions are enabling businesses to offer consumers a higher level of trust.

The missing billions: The real cost of supply chain waste

This is an in-depth report of 300+ businesses and 7500+ consumers, which assesses the state of global supply chains and the issue of waste. Overproduction and waste are exacerbating the supply chain crisis and hitting businesses to the tune of 3.6% of their annual profits as nearly 8% of stock perishes or is discarded. This loss amounts to $163 billion worth of inventory globally. This report discusses how making waste reduction part of your company purpose can benefit the planet, people and the bottom line.