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Avery Dennison launches DPPaaS with Burton Snowboards

October 2023

Avery Dennison has revealed the launch of its Digital Product Passport as a Service (DPPaaS), which it claims will help brands prepare for forthcoming sustainability legislation in the E.U. and beyond. The new platform will help Burton Snowboards, the Vermont-based outdoor lifestyle brand, meet compliance rules in Europe.

Redefining the consumer experience with SmartLabels

October 2023

The billions of US items equipped with the Consumer Brands Association’s (CBA) SmartLabel represent a huge opportunity for brands. With customers caring increasingly about the stories behind their purchases, they should be eager to scan a QR code (or search the web) to learn about them.

Connecting the dots: Digital tools helping companies tackle Scope 3 emissions

October 2023

When it comes to carbon disclosure and reporting, few challenges are harder to crack than quantifying the extent of an organization’s scope 3 emissions - estimated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to represent over 80% of emissions across most business sectors.

While no one is pretending that calculating scope 1 and 2 is easy, they are at least under the control of a single entity to manage. On the other hand, scope 3 is created indirectly by a company’s entire value chain and consumers.

How real-time supply chain visibility is transforming the food system

October 2023

A combination of changing consumer preferences and emerging regulation means that restaurant and grocery businesses are facing mounting pressure to disclose where their products originate. At the same time, more businesses are realizing that end-to-end traceability is central to advancing food safety, quality, and sustainability.

Amazon announces game changing retail shopping experience enabled by RFID technology 

September 2023

Customers can now buy clothing and other fan gear without waiting in line, thanks to an exciting agreement between Amazon and Avery Dennison.  

In a landmark move for the retail shopping industry, Amazon's Just Walk Out (JWO) experience is enabled with radio-frequency identification (RFID) by Avery Dennison, allowing the retail giant to realize the potential for checkout-free shopping of clothing, softlines, fan gear, and more. 

This new RFID capability for JWO shopping is a first-of-its-kind for checkout-free tech. RFID-enabled stores are cost-effective and fast to deploy, and deliver the same frictionless shopping experience customers have come to expect at JWO stores.  

Sumitomo selects Avery Dennison for Falken race tire RFID

September 2023

Avery Dennison will supply its Maxdura Tire Tag to Sumitomo for use in its Falken-branded racing tires.

With an RFID transponder implanted in each tire, information can be read automatically and used to identify precisely which tires are in use from the pit to the track. 

Why a circular dress code is always in style

August 2023

From catwalk to closet, the fashion industry has long been synonymous with innovation and glamor. But today, it's not just about setting trends — it's about leading the charge towards a more sustainable future. 

Avery Dennison is working to address the challenges of textile waste management ahead of incoming regulatory changes in the EU.

Cosmetics industry: Refreshing the approach to waste and overproduction

June 2023

Waste and overproduction are among the issues facing the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Avery Dennison’s report "The Missing Billions: The Real Cost of Supply Chain Waste" reveals that more than 10% of beauty products worth an estimated $4.8 billion are wasted in supply chain.

RFID’s ‘Quiet Revolution’ in retail

May 2023

Zara, Uniqlo and American Eagle are among those leaning on the technology for abilities like self-checkout and better inventory tracking, while more companies join the ‘cult of RFID’ each year.

Smart labels ensure transparency

May 2023

In the beverage industry, smart labels’ ability to ensure traceability have made them a popular solution. 

Pedro Garza, market development manager for RFID Food at Avery Dennison Smartrac, notes that research shows that consumers are inclined to spend more on products that show where ingredients come from. 

Put a ring on it: Fashion circularity must be more than a proposal

April 2023

Debbie Shakespeare, senior director Avery Dennison, sustainability and compliance, discusses the French Decree 2022-748 AGEC (Anti-Waste for a Circular Economy Law) that came into force in January this year. This is part of the French Government’s new ecological model where the sustainability specifications of consumer products – garments, shoes and home textiles – are made fully available to shoppers.

How to build a true circular economy

March 2023

Max Winograd, VP, Digital Solutions at Avery Dennison shares his insights on how current innovations are powering the circular economy and how their use is becoming more pervasive, steadily taking us toward a true circular economy that benefits people, planet and profits.

Act now on preparing for EC Digital Product Passport laws

March 2023

Avery Dennison’s commercial director for digital solutions, Lindsey Hermes, warns businesses with European interests to act now on preparing for EC Digital Product Passport laws.

Uniqlo and Avery Dennison innovate with RFID

February 2023

Uniqlo and Avery Dennison have partnered in developing a novel and game-changing self-checkout system. They detailed their collaboration during a panel at the Big Show 2023 and later in an exclusive interview with The Robin Report. Fast Retailing’s CIO Takahiro Tambara joined Avery Dennison’s Vice President of Global RFID Development Bill Toney. Read this insightful article to discover the retailer’s innovative approach to tackling supply chain and product lifecycle efficiencies from the factory to the shopping bag.

First grab-and-go checkout in the beauty sector thanks to RFID

December 2022

L’Oréal has piloted a pop-up shop in its store in Königsallee, Düsseldorf, Germany using Payfree and Avery Dennison’s advanced Self-Checkout Technology to offer customers a convenient, seamless checkout. Instead of queuing at checkout, customers purchase their selected products by passing them through a scanning unit, which automatically registers products via RFID tags. 

Oversupply, damage sees $163 billion in Inventory tossed annually

November 2022

A year ago, when supply chains were clogged and US retailers were racing to meet demand, companies pivoted to ordering more inventory than usual and doing it earlier in the season. Despite all the efforts to offload excess goods to consumers (deep discount, pack-and-hold), nearly 8% of surplus stock globally will ultimately end up as waste, with about $163 billion of inventory tossed annually, according to a new report from Avery Dennison.

Connected products platform illuminates “soul” of products by improving supply chain visibility, featuring Gap Inc.

October 2022

Read this insightful article by Christian Yonkers of Sustainable Brands based on the interview with Alex Thomas from Gap Inc. and Max Winograd from Avery Dennison Smartrac. They share insights on unlocking the power of connected products and how Gap Inc. is exploring item-level traceability with for several products in its Athleta brand.

Avery Dennison and Wiliot enable customers to turn data into actionable insights to reduce waste and carbon footprint

September 2022

Diana Olick Senior Climate Correspondent at CNBC recently interviewed Steve Statler from Wiliot and Max Winograd from Avery Dennison Smartrac for the ‘Clean Start’ segment to discuss how we’re enabling brands to track products across the supply chain, and turn data into actionable insights to reduce waste and carbon footprint. 

New applications for NFC technology in the beauty industry

July 2022

Existing in the digital world as well as the physical world has become integral to beauty and personal care brands. NFC offers customers an interactive experience with a brand via their technological lifeline – or just smartphone.

In this interesting article on Cosmetics Business, our expert Robert Pernice shares his insights on the future and benefits of the NFC technology.

Avery Dennison’s sustainable expansions on the platform

April 2022

Global materials science company Avery Dennison has launched two extensions, Real-Time Carbon Impact Analytics and Real-Time Waste Elimination Tool, to its existing platform in a bid to offer brands a carbon and waste footprint reduction across their supply chains. BeautyMatter spoke to Michael Goller, Technical Director at, Avery Dennison Smartrac, to discuss the true cost of inadequate inventory management, game-changing supply chain optimization, and creating value through data precision.

The technologies driving ESG-focused supply chain

By Francisco Melo, GM and VP, Avery Dennison Smartrac

January 2022

Over the past year I’ve had the chance to speak to a variety of senior business and sustainability leaders about supply chain topics and their implications on a range of ESG issues. What is apparent from these conversations is that the supply chain is increasingly considered to be one of the most impactful components of a company’s sustainability efforts. The focus on supply chain issues will only intensify, and the expectation from leaders to familiarize themselves with how their companies are managing their supply chains across first-tier and lower-tier suppliers is not going away. To help navigate this new business paradigm, here are five key strategies to consider.

Shining a light on provenance: How supply chain data can revolutionize your sustainability

January 2022

Climate change is the defining issue of our era and will dominate the next few decades as the world desperately seeks ways to stave off the worst effects of global warming. Businesses will be pivotal to this effort as significant contributors of emissions, and are at the heart of any attempt to increase traceability. Put simply, this is the ability of brands and manufacturers—and their retail customers—to demonstrate exactly where individual components of items have come from, and that they have been sourced or made in an environmentally and socially responsible fashion.

How the digital edge is shifting to Item level: RFID sensors transforming omnichannel retail

December 2021

Retail organisations need to learn to adapt in a world in which supply chains are constrained, where 94% of Fortune 1000 companies are seeing supply chain disruptions due to pandemic, and consumers are the ones who decide which channels they prefer for ordering and taking delivery of goods. This convergence of forces has put additional pressure on inventory management, a discipline that has often lacked precision even in simpler times. Read in this CIO magazine feature why data is the new currency and how cloud-based inventory and order management combined with RFID sensors provide bottom-line benefits for retailers.

Why it works: when the fitting room becomes your home – giving customers convenience, comfort and independence

December 2021

French lingerie brand Etam is using digital ID technology from Avery Dennison Smartrac to make every item ‘digital’ so customers can try lingerie at home, avoid queues in store and get video content to learn more about the sustainable origins of the products they love. Etam is very active on the omni-channel front, but the partnership with Avery Dennison is taking things to the next level by enabling Etam to pioneer new omnichannel experiences such as its Try@home which gives consumers the convenient option to try up to five items in the comfort of their own home.

ESG raises the stakes for supply chain risk and reward

October 2021

With environmental, social and governance (ESG) criteria driving investment worldwide, the risk to reputation of a supply-chain scandal is high; but, so too is the reward for responsible sourcing. Read this Raconteur feature and learn how transparency, traceability and digital ID technologies like can help reduce the cost and administrative burden of supply chain transparency.

Higg launches traceability partner program

October 2021

Technology platform Higg, which enables consumer goods companies to measure, manage and share the social and environmental impacts of their value chain, has launched a program for comprehensive traceability across the global supply chain. The Higg traceability program, a global collaboration beginning with technology partners by Avery Dennison, FibreTrace and TrusTrace, aims to put into motion global brands’ efforts to track the hidden impacts within their manufacturing processes, ensure fiber integrity and understand, communicate and accelerate product sustainability.

Etam expands ‘transparency’ to include traceability

September 2021

French lingerie brand Etam is gearing up to expand an experimental traceability technology program across its entire range of bras and underwear. The heritage Paris-based label with more than 100 years in the intimates arena has been exclusively deploying digital identification tech made by Avery Dennison Smartrac across 80 percent of its product line since 2007, as a means of tracking and tracing product throughout its journey from factory to store shelf. The Sourcing Journal article highlights how the #1 lingerie brand in France has adopted digital ID technologies to drive omnichannel innovation and transparency. 

Powering sustainability and circularity with connected products

August 2021

Brands are transforming the way consumers interact with their products by connecting physical items with the digital world, leveraging digital IDs. Max Winograd (VP, Connected Products, Avery Dennison) and David Quass (Global Director, Brand Sustainability, adidas) discuss in this GreenBiz article how connected products help brands advance to a circular economy model and engage consumers in convenient ways, and how is enabling wider sustainability and supply chain traceability use cases across different industries.

The tech shaking up fashion’s inventory load

June 2021

Vogue Business is putting a spotlight on digital ID technologies and showcases how they are revolutionizing fashion and apparel retail post-pandemic. “The pandemic shed a light to all the brand owners, retailers and manufacturers on the vulnerabilities of their supply chain. They don’t have enough data to manage it, and the consumer demand changed as well.” The magazine spoke, among others, with Uwe Hennig, Director Global RFID Market Development, Avery Dennison Smartrac.

Avery Dennison Zeroes in on Zero Waste

June 2021

Increasing consumer demand for sustainable products, a European Green Deal addressing circularity and defining stringent climate goals by 2050, several new regional laws regulating single-use plastics and waste reduction...There is a wind of change and many brands try to deliver on their promises—promoting transparency is becoming essential to sustainability strategy. Sourcing Journal features Tyler Chaffo, Global Sustainability Manager, Avery Dennison Smartrac presenting market trends, promising business examples and why it pays off to invest in CSR programs more than ever.

Digital ID can revolutionize shopping post-pandemic

May 2021

Consumer expectations of grocery have radically shifted during the pandemic, with omnichannel moving to the fore while delivery and click and collect services experience a resurgence. As we ease out of lockdown digital ID systems will be key to further innovation. In an exclusive interview with UK retail magazine The Grocer, Peter Jackson, market development manager, Food, Avery Dennison Smartrac, discusses industry trends, examples of successful tech adoption, and where RFID could lead to a better future for grocery, consumers, and the environment at large.

Creating supply chain transparency and accelerating a fashion circular economy with

April 2021

Max Winograd (Vice President, Connected Products, Avery Dennison) shares insights into digital triggers and how they are enabling brands to create more sustainable, resilient and circular supply chains. Opaque supply chains are one of the most systemic issues in the fashion industry, we have the tech to solve this issue but why is adoption not yet solved?

Does waste have an image problem?

April 2021

For circularity to become mainstream, where nothing is wasted and everything is fed back into the system, it requires businesses to find value in resources already in circulation — and reframe how they perceive waste in the first place. This reimagining and reintroduction of “waste” into the supply chain is just one of the key trends outlined in our new report, “Zero Waste Futures” The free report highlights three ‘futures’ scenarios around biomimetic materials, lifecycle visibility, and circular ecosystems.

A digital supply chain makeover for global prestige beauty brand

April 2021

Complete item-level visibility of all merchandise is a necessity for the success of any beauty omnichannel strategy. Yet, inventory mismanagement remains a legacy problem for beauty brands and retailers creating not only missed sales but also negative customer experiences. CEW sheds light on how Avery Dennison Smartrac’s digital IDs enable unprecedented levels of transparency across the supply chain, revolutionizing stock visibility and reducing waste. 

Transparency means business in the Covid age

October 2020

Sustainability and transparency – these are no longer buzzwords, especially in times of COVID-19. In fact, the pandemic brings an opportunity for brands to “radicalize” a generation of recycling moderates into consumers that demand transparency from retail. Read more in our recent op-ed for The Future Laboratory. 

"Transparency is no longer a ‘nice to have’, it’s paramount to business success”

September 2020

Avery Dennison, the global leader in materials science and manufacturing, has released a trend report on “The New Transparency”. The outcomes underline the importance of transparency as a powerful tool capable of giving businesses unprecedented control over their supply chains and their environmental footprint while offering consumers increased visibility, safety and education.

Tackling global food waste: Towards a smarter supply chain

September 2020

The UN estimates that a third of food is lost to waste each year. Emerging traceability technologies are starting to reduce the current estimated 1.3bn tons of annual global food waste, and digital ID technology has a crucial role to play. Find out more in our latest article on Grocery Dive

Digital identities: Technologies that propel

August 2020

WWD reports on a recent webinar in partnership with Avery Dennison, giving insights into digital ID technologies that can help propel the success of Beauty brands and retailers in these unprecedented times. Read more to understand the major challenges facing the Beauty industry today, and how digital identities can help the industry thrive, and not just survive, beyond COVID-19.

Grocery supply chains must invest in automation as delivery becomes the norm

July 2020

By giving products a unique digital identifier at the origin of the supply chain, full inventory transparency at the product level is possible, which is vital to meet a continued increase in delivery expectations. Digitization of goods through technologies such as RFID and barcodes can provide this full transparency of inventory, at the product level, throughout every step of the supply chain.

Smartrac introduces Circus Tamper Loop Pro

July 2020

Smartrac, an Avery Dennison company, has introduced new Circus Tamper Loop Pro inlays and tags, combining tamper detection and highly secure product authentication in one NFC product.

Avery Dennison and Neste join forces for smart stores

June 2020

Avery Dennison has partnered with Neste to open a fully automated Easy Deli store in the center of Helsinki, Finland as one of the first self-service convenience stores in Europe, using RFID technology.

How RFID technology is taking on the beauty industry’s shady gray market

June 2020

The gray market is becoming an increasing concern for the beauty industry; it can harm a brand’s reputation and cause safety issues for consumers. Although this is nothing new, it has been exacerbated by COVID-19. Avery Dennison Smartrac solutions give products a digital identity enabling unprecedented levels of visibility, allowing brands to track and trace their products across the supply chain to counteract such diversion.

Thermologger to challenge cold-chain environments

June 2020

Smartrac has released a new semi-active UHF RFID temperature-logging product, the Maxdura® Thermologger, which combines high accuracy and robustness in a hard tag for cold-chain applications in food, pharma and other segments.

Smartrac and Suku to authenticate COVID-19 tests and PPE with NFC and Blockchain

May 2020

Smartrac and Blockchain startup SUKU have together launched a digital verification solution designed to authenticate COVID-19 testing kits and personal protective equipment (PPE). The NFC-powered platform reportedly enables instant verification of authenticity and provides end-to-end supply-chain transparency.

A new denim collection gives jeans a digital identity

May 2020

Upcycling brand The R Collective has partnered with Levi’s on a new iteration of traceable fashion: Denim Reimagined leverages the IoT to track garment information. Avery Dennison created the labeling, made from recycled and zero-waste, water-soluble materials. Each care label is an integrated digital experience.

Smartrac's new, extra-robust 'Dura' delivery format

April 2020

The Dura line in general boasts outstanding robustness and water resistance in addition to existing properties, in Dogbone’s case its excellent performance on difficult-to-tag materials. The new product is designed for industrial, supply-chain or logistics applications, such as the tagging of reusable pallets and returnable transport items.

RFID: Tiny wonders behind friction-free grocery shopping

April 2020

RFID is making frictionless shopping a reality, while giving products a digital identity that enables inventory tracking and enhances consumer experiences. Thanks to key partnerships with brands like Ralph Lauren, and having recently acquired Smartrac, one of the leading RFID manufacturers in the world, Avery Dennison has the leverage and market share to dominate this digital transformation.

Dirty Lemon’s Iris Nova pivots its retail strategy in response to coronavirus

March 2020

Iris Nova, the startup beverage brand backed by Coca-Cola, is balancing a coronavirus-driven uptick against losses in its hospitality and retail businesses. Its CEO explains how being historically unafraid of strategy “pivots” has reduced recent pressure.

Holistic, omnichannel consumer experience and product authentication

January 2020

The combination of NFC with RAIN RFID in a single chip makes a powerful, all-in-one tool for supply-chain management, consumer engagement and product authentication, offering the possibility to better manage distribution channels and fight the black and grey market.

Smartrac goes green

January 2020

All of Smartrac’s Green Tag program inlays and tags will achieve up to 90% savings in carbon footprint and at least a 95% reduction in Abiotic Depletion Potential (ADP), which means non-renewable resources, when compared to traditional products available in the market today.

The rise of NFC in sports and fitness

November 2019

NFC has widely been adopted in the world of sports and sports apparel. adidas, for example, found a creative way to get in on the business of NFC in a new way. Their Smartrac tech uses NFC chips inside their shoe models to provide key data back to adidas through the use of their app.

Smartrac to sell Its smallest green inlay

November 2019

As part of its Green Tag program to offer recyclable and sustainable alternatives to standard plastic RFID inlays, Smartrac has released an environmentally friendly RFID tag designed for price labels. The EAGLE Green Tag will serve the retailer and brand market, with a paper-based product that can be recycled or composted. The tag is manufactured in a more sustainable way, in part by the elimination of the chemical-based etching process.

Launching RFID-based moisture- temperature- and location-sensing solution

October 2019

By detecting moisture and measuring temperatures in a wide variety of building materials, including concrete, gypsum board, insulation and other construction materials, the sensing solution enables a broad portfolio of innovative applications for facility and construction monitoring and management.

Smartrac and Compass jointly create new customer experience

October 2019

Smartrac and Compass Marketing, a solutions provider for the CPG industry, are jointly supporting the “Modern Retail Collective”. This is a store developed by McKinsey and Company, and Mall of America.

How retailers boost customer experience and brand loyalty with RFID

October 2019

Even as e-commerce continues to grow by leaps and bounds, the reality is that it represents a small percentage of retail transactions. People still want to shop in-store.

McKinsey & Company opens first-ever store

September 2019

The store offers retailers the opportunity to work with McKinsey and Mall of America to test new technologies, such as RFID or mobile checkout, and discover what’s possible when multiple technologies, analytics and store operations work together to elevate in-store experiences.

Avery Dennison partners with Robomart

September 2019

Avery Dennison has partnered with Robomart, a company at the cutting edge of retail, creating an opportunity for a frictionless shopping experience in grocery retail that will delight customers, in a category that has traditionally been slow to innovate.

NFC pays for parking with HonkTAP

August 2019

Technology company Honk Mobile has teamed up with Smartrac and Apple to create a system for users to tap a phone against an NFC sticker to make a parking payment within seconds, without requiring the downloading of an app.

Checkout-free or cashierless technologies inch closer to grocery implementation

August 2019

When the first Amazon Go store opened to the public in January 2018, the concept seemed magical to many. Shoppers can walk into the store; grab whatever they’d like; put it in their coat pockets, bags or elsewhere; and simply walk out. All the customers need is an app.

PUMA leads with digitally interactive products for experiential retail

August 2019

From interactive displays to stock optimization -- the fully connected store is a glimpse into the future of retail.

Tracking food in the supply chain, and why it matters

July 2019

Reeling from all the 'leafy green recalls,' pressure is mounting for restaurant operators to better track food in the supply chain.

Matthew Williams is using Blockchain to tell Alyx’s story

June 2019

As Alyx presents its Spring/Summer 2020 collection, designer Matthew Williams makes the business case for Blockchain.