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Industry 4.0: made possible by digital ID technologies 

In the world of industrial manufacturing, inventory management is as crucial as it is in retail or logistics. RFID-enabled tags, inlays and labels – particularly those complying with RAIN RFID (UHF) standards – enable radical improvements in inventory accuracy and management. 

A manufacturer that can see what it has, and where it is, with unprecedented speed and visibility, can better manage its processes to improve overall efficiency, enhance product quality and boost customer satisfaction – factors that entail increased sales and better industry 4.0 fitness. 

Digital ID solutions enable companies to verify an item's journey across the entire supply chain, from its source to its final destination, pinpointing any trouble spots along the way, minimizing risk and cost. They offer the possibility of true systemic change, improving efficiencies and reducing waste across the supply chain from source to consumer. All made possible with digital ID technologies such as RFID.

Manufacturing gets smarter

The benefits of RAIN RFID and its contactless technology can effectively enhance Industry 4.0. Avery Dennison provides a wide range of solutions that make manufacturing more efficient, flexible, and ultimately smarter.

Smarter manufacturing is also supported by our RFID sensor tags for a wide array of applications, such as car and aircraft manufacturing, healthcare, logistics, or cold-chain management. On the basis of specifically developed ICs, these sensor tags have the ability to measure the moisture, liquid or temperature levels in their environment and communicate the information to a reader.

Smartness doesn’t have to stop when the going gets tough. In addition to our inlays and labels, we also offer a wide range of hard tags that are designed to withstand harsh and demanding conditions such as extreme temperatures, chemicals, shocks, vibrations and rough handling.

No matter which industrial segment you are part of, Avery Dennison is the perfect partner to unleash the power of a better manufacturing business.


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