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AD TexTrace™ integrated RFID solutions

Imagine all the benefits of digital identification solutions now integrated into garments at source. Welcome to AD TexTrace™, our integrated RFID solutions for connected textiles. By connecting physical garments with the digital world we are unlocking new opportunities for the fashion industry. Omnichannel inventory management, self-checkout, and end-to-end brand protection and loss prevention solutions are only the beginning.

Fashion retailers are facing major challenges; How to create the best experiences for their customers, and find the staff to serve them. How to find new levels of efficiency in their operations, in both physical and online stores. And a growing issue with theft.  

Standard RFID labels enable retailers to develop highly efficient distribution centers and store operations with item-level identification of their inventory. AD TexTrace™ takes RFID to the next level, integrating the technology into garments at the manufacturer. This means every product is RFID enabled from the start of the supply chain. 

For retailers and brand owners, standard RFID label solutions already radically improve inventory management and reduce time needed in-store tasks. And with AD TexTrace™ they can now exploit the full potential of RFID at every stage of the value chain. 

A single integrated label combines the benefits of Electronic Article Surveillance functionality, a frictionless self-checkout experience, fast returns handling, engaging experiences at the point of sales and the usage of futuristic smart devices (like smart wardrobes and smart washing machines).

Transform the entire supply chain and in-store operations

  • Optimized inventory management: Enhance operational efficiency and reduce costs with real-time visibility into stock levels
  • Data driven insights enable optimized production planning, minimizing out-of-stock situations.
  • Interactive shopping experiences: RFID enables smart shelves, smart dressing rooms, and interactive displays. 
  • Loss-prevention technology is now built-in to every garment, no need for hard tags, saving time and money.
  • Frictionless self-checkout: no more queues for customers.
  • Fast returns: instant brand authentication means items can return immediately to sale
  • Advancing sustainability: RFID-enabled garments can be automatically sorted for recycling to improve circularity

Unlock a more intelligent future for your retail business with AD TexTrace™ integrated RFID. Contact us today for samples and to learn more about our integrated RFID solutions.

Product Portfolio

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