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The future of retail: made possible by digital ID technologies

Most retailers will capture the greatest ROI by making digital ID technologies a foundational component of their supply-chain management systems. Our digital ID solutions, including RFID, enable dramatically improved management of supply chains and inventories. They’re also paving the way to richer brand experiences, stronger, deeper relationships with consumers, and more sustainable practices for businesses and consumers alike.

No matter the product, retailers from a variety of different industries can leverage a broad range of digitally enabled technologies to make radical improvements in inventory accuracy and management – from source to consumer. A retail company that can see what it has, and where it is, with unprecedented speed and visibility, can better manage its supply-chain processes to improve traceability, reduce labor, and enhance consumer experience and satisfaction – factors that lead directly to increased sales and an overall productivity boost.

A new relationship with customers

Over the next decade, brands and retailers will build on their digital foundations to develop increasingly deeper relationships with individual consumers. In the form of NFC, RFID will migrate to consumers’ homes, enabling them to easily re-order products, get information about product origins and recycling, and more. At the same time, brands and retailers will be able to gather information on consumer behavior and preferences (with their permission), enabling them to offer hyper-personalized, one-to-one experiences.

No matter what retail segment you are part of, Avery Dennison is the perfect partner for the digital transformation of retail.

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