Our leadership team

Francisco Melo
Senior Vice President and General Manager

Sanjay Agrawal
Vice President, Information Technology 

Raymond van den Berg 
Vice President, Finance

Hannah Bernard 
Senior Director, Marketing Communications

Jeremy Chura
Vice President, Human Resources

Xiao Fu
Senior Director, IT

Gustavo Gomez Iglesias
Senior Director, Finance

Dennis Khoo
General Manager, China

Roger Machado, Vice President, Global Operations, Supply Chain and Procurement, Avery Dennison Smartrac

Roger Machado
Vice President, Global Operations, Supply Chain and Procurement

Erik Mols
Senior Director, Operational Excellence and Supply Chain

Michael Sanders
Vice President, Inlay Sales and Business Development

Jeremy Schenof
Vice President, Strategy and New Business Development

Bill Toney
Vice President, Global RFID Market Development, Retail

Dr. Juha Virtanen
Head of Global Research and Development

Max Winograd
Vice President, Connected Products

Graham Wladimiroff
Vice President and Assistant General Councel

Our commercial team

North America

Kris Barton RFID Market Development Apparel

Kris Barton
RFID Market Development, Apparel

Pedro Garza RFID Market Development Food

Pedro Garza
RFID Market Development, Food

DJ Lee, RFID Inlay Sales

DJ Lee
RFID Inlay Sales

Latin America

Fabiana Wu, RFID Inlay Sales

Fabiana Wu
RFID Inlay Sales

Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA)

Peter Jackson, RFID Market Development, Food

Peter Jackson
RFID Market Development, Food

Uwe Hennig, RFID Market Development, Apparel, EU, Australia, India

Uwe Hennig
RFID Market Development Director, EMEA and Emerging Markets

Patrick Eichstaedt, RFID Inlay Sales

Patrick Eichstaedt
RFID Inlay Sales

Asia Pacific (APAC)

Kato Junya, RFID Market Development, Apparel and Beauty, Japan

Kato Junya
Managing Director, Japan

Director, Marketing Development, Akane Mitsui, Japan, Avery Dennison Smartrac

Akane Mitsui
Director, Marketing Development, Japan

Marketing Development Manager, Akiko Misawa, Japan, Avery Dennison Smartrac

Akiko Misawa
Marketing Development Manager, Japan

Director Marcel Cote, RFID Inlay Sales and Market Development

Marcel Cote
Director RFID Inlay Sales and Market Development 

Greater China

Leo Shi, RFID Market Development, Apparel and Beauty

Leo Shi
RFID Market Development, Apparel and Beauty

Kylie Cheong, RFID Market Development, Food

Kylie Cheong
RFID Market Development, Food

Lynn Lu, RFID Market Development, Logistics

Lynn Lu
RFID Market Development, Logistics

Hendry Chen, RFID Inlay Business Development

Hendry Chen
RFID Business Development

Max Chen, RFID Inlay Business Development

Max Chen
RFID Inlay Business Development


Bob Pernice, RFID Market Development, Beauty

Bob Pernice
RFID Market Development, Beauty

Michael Wai, RFID Inlay Sales, Retail

Michael Wai
RFID Inlay Sales, Retail