RFID hard tags

Aligning our sustainability goals with yours

Sustainability is on the radar and a part of corporate goals within every industry. From suppliers to brands, the commitment to lowering carbon footprint is essential and Avery Dennison is here every step of the way.

Doing business sustainably – growing while using fewer natural resources and reducing carbon emissions and other pollution – is now required for companies, if not through regulation, then from a consuming public that expects the things they buy to have minimal impact on the planet. 

Digital ID technologies can support sustainability by reducing waste, avoiding overproduction, and by improving efficiency. Avery Dennison itself is making great efforts to act sustainably by centering its products around the company’s commitment to its 2030 sustainability goals and continuous commitment to strive toward more sustainable manufacturing processes. This can be proven by the launch of our latest AD Pure portfolio of products, a family of UHF RFID inlay designs that feature antennas made from pure aluminum, allowing the construction to be up to 95% PET-free. 

We also conduct life cycle analyses (LCAs) to determine the most sustainable manufacturing methods and materials; this cradle-to-grave approach allows us to assess our entire value-chain emissions impact and identify where to focus reduction activities. An additional step we take is adding certified products to our solutions portfolio as much as possible. And finally, by being the first and only pre-qualified intelligent labels provider to receive the prestigious How2Recycle label for paper hang tags. 

Two ways to one objective: SmartFace™ technology and AD Pure line

Sustainability is at the core of everything we do, from innovation and product design to development and production. 

Avery Dennison works toward offering and producing the largest global portfolio of inlays that adhere to our third-party verified sustainable product standard Sustainable ADvantage. One example of this is that many of our inlays now feature our patented SmartFace™ technology, which is one of the most sustainable solutions on the market, reducing your brand’s environmental impact. Read more

As a result, Avery Dennison offers a growing portfolio of inlays that verifiably meets the following strict criteria:

  • By removing a PET-based aluminum laminate layer to create an antenna made from pure aluminum, the inlay’s total construction is up to 95% PET-free in both wet inlay and SmartFace™ label formats.
  • Antenna materials are free of heavy metals.
  • No chemical etching of aluminum antennas is employed, which uses less energy during the production process. This allows for the complete recycling of aluminum residues which, along with the drastically reduced energy requirement, results in a significant carbon footprint reduction.
  • A minimal amount of adhesive is used for chip bonding.