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Human Truths

November 2023

Our very own Market Development Beauty Manager Maryna Grytsenko-Nénon, has been interviewed by The Industry Beauty to be featured in the third and last podcast of the series in which we will be able to explore Bastille Parfums transparency journey as a brand with Avery Dennison. 

In our last episode in the series: ‘Human Truths’’ Maryna engages in a compelling discussion with Sophie Maisant, CEO at Bastille Parfums.

Sophie, explains how French fragrance house that she acquired in 2022, bases its entire business ethos on creating natural fragrances and being totally transparent about its ingredients and supply chain. To help achieve this aim, Bastille Parfums turned to Avery Dennison and recently became one of the first perfume brand to affix an RFID label onto its products, together with a QR code that customers can interact with. 

Considerate Consumption

October 2023

Our very own Hannah Bernard, Senior Director of Marketing and Communications has been interviewed by The Industry Beauty to be featured in the second podcast of a series of three in which we will be able to explore the state of global supply chains and shifting consumer attitudes happening across in the beauty industry.

In our second episode in the series: ‘Considerate Consumption’’ we have the chance to uncover the importance of transparency in beauty brand supply chains while also tackling the problem of waste in these supply chains.

First up, Lauretta Roberts, Editor in Chief of TheIndustry.beauty, will speak to Hannah Bernard and once Hannah has shared her knowledge and expertise in the market, Oriele Frank Co-founder of B-Corp certified luxury skincare & wellness brand Elemis, will speak about how considerate consumption has been at the core of the brand proposition since the beginning and how the business continues to innovate to this day.

Trust in Data to Balance the Stock

September 2023

Beauty is booming! Our Senior Director of Market Development, Uwe Hennig, recently participated in an insightful interview with The Industry Beauty. You can listen to him in this podcast episode titled 'Trust in Data to Balance the Stock.' During this podcast, Uwe delves into how beauty brands can effectively address supply chain inefficiencies and combat overproduction.

The Industry Beauty will engage in a conversation with Uwe Hennig to glean from his wealth of experiences and gather valuable advice for others in the market. Furthermore, the podcast will also feature Clare Hopkins, co-founder of the natural and science-led skincare brand Balance Me.

RFID goes beyond apparel: Check out the latest podcast episode from Endless Aisle by NewStore

June 2023

In today’s retail world, RFID is no longer just an apparel solution. Listen to Avery Dennison’s Sr. Director of Market Development, Kris Barton, talk all about the latest trends in RFID and the expansion into general retail on the latest Endless Aisle podcast installment. 

Tracking the lifecycle impact of billions of products on Hedera, powered by atma.io connected product cloud

August 2022

atma.io connected product cloud, leveraging the Hedera network provides its customers with verifiable and actionable ways to drive decarbonization, utilizing the massive amounts of data that connected products generate to improve sustainable practices.

To discuss this further, Max Winograd, VP, connected products, Avery Dennison Smartrac, joined Zenobia Godschalk, SVP communications, Swirlds Labs on the ‘Gossip about Gossip’ podcast to share how atma.io is tracking the lifecycle impact of billions of items and enabling decarbonization use-cases. 

Understanding serialization platforms

July 2022

Does your product have a soul? We are heading into a future where more things are getting digital “souls” or IDs that transcend the life and even the second life of a product. It is a compelling concept, as it unlocks waste reduction, product safety, regulatory compliance, efficiency, and new revenue models.

Interested in IoT applied to digital identity using RFID, NFC, bluetooth or barcodes, and how atma.io connected product cloud assigns unique digital ID or “soul” to everyday items that stays consistent throughout a product's lifecycle? Watch this podcast with  Max Winograd, vice president, connected products, Avery Dennison Smartrac to find out more.

How the product labels of the future will change everything

February 2022

In a world of increasing consumer awareness, creators are finding there’s a new, emerging factor that is important to target markets: transparency. People want to know where their goods are coming from: are they ethically sourced? Are they really made up of the materials they list on the back? How long was this product on the shelf? Businesses are finding that answering those questions has opened up an entirely new way of doing business. And for Francisco Melo, VP + GM of Avery Dennison it is an exciting new frontier; an opportunity for businesses to be more accountable and sustainable.

Tech innovations reengineer inventory and fulfillment

February 2022

How agile omnichannel fulfillment models are key to meet future customer and supply chain demands.

An estimated 41 billion industry wide items in 2024 will be digitized with passive IoT devices. Digital is everywhere and consumers are using digital to shop in completely new ways, while retailers are looking for more agile omnichannel fulfillment models to make their business run more efficiently, innovate faster and get more value from ecosystem partnerships. A Robin Report podcast featuring Bill Toney, VP, Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison.

The circular economy: How Avery Dennison is closing the gap between the physical and digital world

October 2021

Max Winograd (Vice President, Connected Products, Avery Dennison Smartrac) shares insights into digital triggers, digital IDs, and the connected product cloud, atma.io, and how these technologies are enabling brands to create more sustainable, resilient, and circular supply chains.

Connected products and ‘labels that speak’

October 2021

Connected products are a key driver of supply chain traceability, and are enabling a trusted relationship between a brand and a consumer that builds over time because you can ‘keep talking’ to the product you bought. Listen to this insightful discussion on ‘connected products’ and ‘labels that speak’, between Max Winograd, VP, Connected Products, Avery Dennison Smartrac, and tech journalist Guy Clapperton. 

How RFID is changing retail

September 2021

RFID tags are picking up pace across all industries – and retail is one sector that is helping drive widespread adoption. But, given that RFID has been on the radar for a number of years, is the technology capable now? And are the use cases genuinely beneficial to make it a sensible business decision? Join this conversation between Oliver Banks and Uwe Hennig, Director of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison Smartrac and explore how RFID is being used by different categories in the retail sector.