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With new topics every month, there's something for everyone. Explore latest trends and innovations in the RFID industry, including apparel and footwear, automotive, aviation, food, healthcare, and more. 

Apparel and Fashion

Why Digital Product Passport (DPP) alone isn’t the answer - in conversation with CIRPASS

Experts Carolynn Bernier, research engineer and coordinator of the CIRPASS project, and Jake Hanover, director of digital solutions, Apparel Solutions, Avery Dennison, summarized end-to-end traceability solutions that enable DPP compliance, and covered the tools you’ll need to get ahead of the legislation before it comes into effect.

Digital Product Passports (DPP): What you need to know now and how to prepare

Experts from Avery Dennison, Lindsey Hermes (global commercial director), Jake Hanover (director of digital solutions), and Emilie Bartolini (senior government affairs manager, EMENA), got together to discuss all things Digital Product Passport (DPP). They summarized the new policies coming, what DPPs can do for brands, and how to start preparing.


Future-proofing the automotive supply chain: The power of RFID with RTI Management

How future-proof is your automotive supply chain? Is your RTI management as efficient as it can be?

Join our webinar session, partnered with Turck Vilant Systems, to find out the answers and other valuable information to stay ahead of the curve! In our sessions we will cover current trends in the automotive industry, how others are future-proofing their supply chains, RFID basics, and a deep-dive into specific RTI automotive applications. Lastly, our experts will discuss how RTI optimization can significantly impact our planet and help companies meet their sustainability goals.

RFID Innovations Transforming Automotive Industry 4.0

Watch our latest webinar where we partnered with NXP Semiconductors, to discuss the latest trends and innovations that are transforming the world around us.

In our ”RFID Innovations Transforming Automotive Industry 4.0“ webinar, our experts discuss the benefits of the new UCODE® 9xm features as well as its key applications. In addition, they share insights on how new transponders are transforming the industry and more!

3 ways the automotive industry is designing a safer future

Join us to learn about the future of vehicle safety and the automotive materials designed for advances in airbag, sensor, and seat belt systems. Register for the free webinar to hear case studies, ask you questions live to Avery Dennison experts, and discover the right materials for your manufacturing needs. 

How RAIN RFID can enable smarter vehicle manufacturing

Avery Dennison is partnering with NXP to share insights on how RAIN RFID can improve and accelerate automotive supply chain management processes and component tagging applications. Join our industry experts to learn how RAIN RFID solutions can serve the entire product life cycle, enable smart logistics, enhance after-sales service, drive cost down and your efficiency up.


RFID in aviation: Myths debunked

In these challenging times, staying connected matters more than ever. The spreading of the coronovirus disease (COVID-19) means the aviation industry is facing unprecetended challenges; now is the time to work together and plan ahead for the future. Avery Dennison partnered up with SICK, Inc. about the impact of RFID on the aviation industry. 


Digital identities: Technologies that can help propel the success of beauty brands and retailers in these unprecedented times

Seamlessly merging the physical and digital world has become imperative and the lack of end-to-end, item level clarity has proven to be detrimental to retailers who have to juggle ever-evolving consumer demands — especially during COVID-19. In our latest webinar with WWD, we explored the role of digital identities for Beauty, opening up a conversation on how digital transformation is necessary to future proof the industry.


Anti-waste law: How does technology make the development of reusable packaging possible?

The EU anti-waste law, adopted by France in 2020, aims to eliminate waste and pollution from the design stage and transform the system into a circular economic model. How can we support this rapid development and the management and rotation of the volumes generated? 

Avery Dennison is partnering with LSA to look at the challenges of flow management - Delivery, Reception, Inventory, Washing cycle, Instructions - and the solutions available to make the circular economy a reality. [Webinar in French]

precisionFDA tech-enabled food traceability challenge - winners webinar

in partnership with Mastercard

atma.io by Avery Dennison, in partnership with Mastercard, was among the winners of the FDA New Era of Smarter Food Safety Low- or No-Cost Tech-Enabled Traceability Challenge. As winners, we are presenting at the ‘Winners’ Webinar’, organized by the FDA to share our solution and answer the Q&As.

How digital ID will create the next generation of grocery stores

in partnership with The Grocer

July 6, 2021 -  11:00 am BST I 12:00 pm CEST

Shoppers’ expectations of grocery have radically shifted during the pandemic. Delivery and click and collect services have seen a new lease of life, with omnichannel integration becoming even more key. At the same time, checkout-free stores are slowly being rolled out, with the promise of transforming the retail experience. These emerging trends have a common link – digital ID. Join us for an in-depth webinar discussion on how these trends will play out across retailers’ top five challenges.

Traceability 2.0 and the adoption of RFID

In partnership with reCONNECT 2021

Technology in food is ever-changing and RFID is enabling full product transparency across food systems. Inventory accuracy, product visibility, speed to market, and other benefits are realized. Hear how Avery Dennison and FoodLogiQ are paving the way, allowing brands to be connected, efficient and responsive to today’s supply chains, utilizing RFID technologies."

How the digitalization of the food supply chain brings value to the brand

Digital supply chain transformations in the food industry have led to full product transparency for the consumer. But what about the brand? Inventory and product data accuracy, speed to market, waste management and the ability to quickly identify and respond to supply chain issues are all crucial for food and beverage manufacturers. Join our webinar to see how digitizing food supply chains allows brands to be connected, efficient and responsive to customer needs and changing industry regulations, while ultimately impacting their bottom line.

What are the traceability challenges for quick service restaurants?

RFID has been successfully implemented in retail models and is making its way into quick-service restaurants to improve traceability, operational efficiency and issues related to recalls and product  expiration management. While health safety, regulatory compliance and new customer behaviours increases, RFID optimises day-to-day operational tasks and improves operating results and financial impact. 

This Webinar is hosted in French, in partnership with Mojix and Zebra 

RFID in the Food Chain 2020: The roadmap to digital supply chains

Join our live session “The foundational future of food: supply chain digitization” as we explore the latest trends in food retail and some of the ways grocers and restaurants are using RFID technology to improve their visibility, efficiency and ultimately reduce waste. 

RFID + Blockchain: Enabling greater transparency and traceability in food retail

More and more customers want to know what’s in their food and where, exactly, it came from, all the way back to the source. RFID technology in conjunction with blockchain, allows grocers and brands to verify a food item’s journey across the entire supply chain and easily share the information with customers. In this webinar we’ll look at the latest trends in food retail and some of the ways grocery retailers are using RFID passive IoT sensors to re-imagine their supply chain operations and meet increasing demands for transparency.

Food forward: Building supply chain resilience for a post Covid-19 digital leap

In this webinar, we'll look at some of the ways grocery retailers are using RFID passive IoT sensors to re-imagine their supply chain operations, offer better -- and more socially distanced -- consumer experiences, while gaining unprecedented inventory visibility to bolster their e-commerce platforms. 

RFID: A case study with Avery Dennison and Zebra Technologies

With higher consumer experience expectations and razor-thin profit margins, the entire food industry is challenged to find ways to drive traceability. RFID now plays a key role in that challenge. On this session, Avery Dennison and Zebra Technologies will discuss their ongoing RFID collaboration, sharing insights on how assigning and capturing standardized data will be foundational to faster more efficient and more precise supply chains, reducing costs associated with labor, exception processing and food waste, and why automating the capture of cartons or items means improved visibility and inventory management, as well as swift reaction to any withdrawal scenario. 

Culture of food safety: The consumer

In this webinar Amy Awe, Market Development Manager, Avery Dennison, will share the latest insights and standards driving the digital supply chain and connected product information, and how consumers can access product provenance, nutritional and storage information enabling them to make informed decisions on safe food handling while also increasing brand transparency.


Revolutionizing Healthcare with RFID: Enhancing safety, efficiency, and patient care

Missed our webinar with Terso? Don’t worry, we have the video here so you can stay updated on all things RFID! Click to enjoy an in-depth exploration into the breakthroughs RFID technology is making in the pharma & healthcare industry with the help of our partner, Terso Solutions.

Transforming healthcare with dual frequency RFID innovations

Watch our latest webinar, in partnership with EM Microelectronic, and discover how RFID is paving the way for a more efficient and reliable pharma and healthcare industry! Learn how dual-frequency RFID technology is revolutionizing the sector and watch our experts provide an overview of key applications.

Digital ID Technologies and Connected products

Through these education seminars by our experts Franks Smits and Patrick Eichstaedt from the Wireless IOT Tomorrow Conference, find out more about how Digital ID Technologies can improve performance in the healthcare industry and how to unlock the power of connected products. Watch to dive into insights and perspectives on present-day RFID trends as well as customer success stories demonstrating how RFID has successfully been implemented.

Webinar - How intelligent labels can enhance patient connectivity

How intelligent labels can enhance patient connectivity

Near Field Communication (NFC) and smartphones are connecting patients, doctors, and suppliers to accurate information and creating new applications for better safety and adherence. This webinar looks at opportunities of NFC in pharma and shares practical advice on the construction and approval of intelligent labels.

Webinar - How to transform tomorrow’s drug deliveries and therapy services with NFC solutions

How to transform tomorrow’s drug deliveries and therapy services with NFC solutions

In partnership with NXP Semiconductors

Join speakers Frank Smits, Avery Dennison and Frederic Vicentini, NXP and discover how contactless NFC solutions bring new levels of effectiveness, safety, and digitalization to pharma companies, the supply chain, and patients. 

Optimising pharma and healthcare supply chain with RFID technology

Join our webinar in partnership with Impinj and learn about the key issues facing pharma & healthcare: how RFID provides effective and efficient solutions, market trends around serialization and security, case studies on wirelessly identifying product usage, expiration and location in the supply chain. 

Healthcare transformation through RFID

Join us for a webinar to gain a deeper understanding of the technology of RFID and its latest application cases in the field of healthcare and pharmaceutical. Speakers from various professional backgrounds are ready to share insights and perspectives on present-day RFID trends.

Industrial Applications

Everything connected: Transforming industry with RFID

How is RFID transforming industrial markets? And what opportunities does it present for system integrators? Avery Dennison and Impinj intelligent label experts will explain it all in this information-rich webinar. Learn how customers can deploy RFID to improve supply chain efficiency, transparency and safety, and accelerate the arrival of industry 4.0.


How the cleverest retailers utilize RFID

Marshall Kay, our Global Director of Retail Transformation Services, and Randy Dunn, Director of Business Development at Zebra Technologies, join Chris Walton and Anne Mezzenga at Omni Talk to share all the ways the best of the best retailers are utilizing RFID. No other technology can unlock as much value as RFID when it is deployed and harnessed across multiple levels of a retail organization in the right way.

Improving retail experience and operations through RFID and robotics

Do you have RFID tags on your retail product already and want to explore an alternative counting process? Are you curious about adding RFID for inventory accuracy but don't feel your in store team has the time to count? Or do you want a daily count to get your replenishments and allocations more accurate? Watch our short webinar on-demand where we explain the benefits of adding robotic RFID counting and how it works for retailers.

Getting retail digital transformation right

The recent rise of e-commerce linked with COVID-19 has put a strain on couriers’ capacity, while also having a negative impact on the environment due to the increase of packaging used for deliveries and returns. Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS), also known as Click & Collect, is quickly becoming an efficient alternative for retailers, as they look for ways to leverage their now empty stores to satisfy customer demand both online and offline. Watch our latest webinar with RFIDJournal Live, where Kris Barton, Director of Market Development shares insights and trends into the power of BOPIS and its potential to safeguard the environment, improve customer satisfaction and maximize stores’ efficiency.

RFID and digital IDs

Unlocking the future: Elevating premium brand experiences through digital ID technologies

Discover real-life digital ID use cases from Beauty, Apparel & Footwear, and Wine & Spirits brands. In this webinar, experts from Avery Dennison and NXP Semiconductors meet industry leaders from Bastille Parfums, DMT Cycling, and SAIT to explore how digital ID technology such as UHF RFID and NFC are revolutionizing consumer engagement and brand protection.

RFID trends in emerging segments

Dive into the benefits of RFID technology as well as trends in the food, healthcare and automotive segments through this seminar from LabelExpo Americas 2022 by Avery Dennison’s Peter Bloch, Business Development Manager of RFID Healthcare in North America. Watch to find out more about RFID applications and upcoming technology; discover how to get started in RFID today!

webinar - rfid arvato digital twin

The benefits of digital twins

In partnership with Arvato Systems

To connect the physical with the digital world, a unique digital identifier has to be attached to an individual item. The most effective way to do this is by using RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) in the form of a label or tag attached to the item. RFID is accelerating the growth of the Internet of Things (IoT) by connecting billions of things to the digital world every year using unique digital identities. Digital twins powered by RFID enable companies to monitor and manage products down to the item level, and even communicate with individual customers.

How digital ID is delivering supply chain resilience

Missed our keynote speech at RFID Journal LIVE 2021? Watch the presentation from Marcel Cote, Director Sales & Market Development, Asia Pacific, Avery Dennison Smartrac as he talks through how digital ID technologies can enable supply chain resilience in a new post pandemic world. Watch the recording here.

Powering sustainability and circularity with connected products

Featuring GreenBiz, adidas and atma.io

Brands are transforming the way consumers interact with their products by connecting physical items with the digital world, leveraging digital IDs. In this webinar, among other things, you will learn how adidas are utilizing digital IDs to further their circularity agenda through recommerce, and how atma.io connected product cloud is enabling wider sustainability and supply chain traceability use cases across different industries.