RFID for End users

Transforming Aviation with RFID

In the past couple of years, the aviation industry has made tremendous strides in its ongoing fight against lost luggage, and the introduction of IATA Resolution 753 drives the industry to take a step forward.

UHF RFID technology not only reduces lost baggage but also dramatically increases traceability. That ability is one of the main reasons why UHF RFID solutions are compliant with IATA Resolution 753 on baggage handling.

Figures from Delta Airlines, which recently introduced RFID to replace barcode scanning, set a clear picture: baggage read rates have risen to 99.5%. Considering the fact that over three billion people fly each year, with an average of 1.15 bags per passenger, 10-15% becomes an important gap. That represents UHF RFID integration a major improvement in customer satisfaction, lower refund costs, and lower repatriation costs and ultimately cost savings.

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