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Digital ID solutions

The Internet of Things has begun to connect billions of complex devices and sensors to create smarter homes, retail stores, buildings, cities, factories, and even farms. But if you look at the total number of products made, moved, sold, used, and recycled, most of them aren’t connected, don’t have a digital life. They are in an ‘offline black hole’, not visible, not accessible for digital transformation.

Our vision

A unique digital ID for every item, everywhere – a digital twin, a digital personality, a means of connectivity, and a portal to a digital brand universe. All connected to provide unmatched value-added services – driving up efficiencies, lowering cost, enabling higher sales and profit margins. 

Bridging the gap between Offline and Online

RFID is the most proven and cost-effective wireless digital ID technology to illuminate the ‘offline black hole’ and broaden the scope of the IoT to trillions of simple everyday items, enabling businesses, organizations and consumers to identify, authenticate, track, sense and engage with each item seamlessly. Proven for tens of billions of items over recent years, RAIN RFID (UHF) and NFC are now ready to enable a digital ID and connectivity for the trillions to come.

Introducing Janela™, our consumer engagement solution based on digital ID

One great example of leveraging digital ID is Janela™ – our solution for richer consumer encounters. It enables brands and retailers to connect and communicate with consumers via products. Fully digitized through a physical trigger on the product (NFC tag or QR code) and connected through cloud-based software, a physical product activates a vivid brand encounter, becoming an entry point into the brand world and the product story – where identity, history, and personality become the product’s ‘digital personality’.

How Janela™ can help brands

Imagine a consumer sees a pair of jeans they like in store, and before buying them uses their mobile device to scan the unique digital ID found on the product tag or label. They can now read reviews, find true-to-size ratings, and access styling tips.

After purchasing the jeans, the customer can register the product, gain loyalty points, hear about other relevant products, and receive brand or retailer-specific content tailored to their personal preferences, all with just one scan. Customers can also submit reviews or post to their Instagram account for additional incentives. 

Janela™ tracks each of these consumer interactions (with permission) to provide brand and retail partners with valuable data and analytics. Valuable insights fuel personalized digital experiences. Capturing real-time data and consumer insights for every product, from manufacturing to end-of-life, is a powerful tool.

But the real value of the Janela™ solution is how brands manage and apply that information to transform their marketing efforts, allowing them to fully expand capabilities, enhance supply-chain performance, and increase customer acquisition and engagement.

Benefits of Janela™


  • Drive targeted marketing campaigns
  • Provide product registration
  • Offer points and rewards
  • Gain product-specific consumer insights
  • Customize mobile content and drive ongoing engagement
  • Enable returns and reorders
  • Promote new products and discounts


  • Read product reviews in-store
  • Share feedback on social media
  • Shop and find sizes from their fitting room
  • Register purchases by smartphone
  • Access styling recommendations and other digital content
  • View content and care information
  • Earn loyalty rewards

Let’s talk

If you’re a business that creates, markets, sells, services or recycles physical products, we would love to hear from you and start exploring opportunities. Please fill out our contact form to get started.

Janela™ brand collaborations

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We joined forces with The R Collective and EVRYTHNG to digitize The R Collective’s upcycled Denim Reimagined collection, supported by Levi’s®, to minimize jeans’ climate impact and lead with sustainability in consumer care. Avery Dennison created labeling using recycled and zero-waste, water-soluble materials, so that each care label is an integrated digital experience, provided by our Janela™ solution.

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