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Explore the most frequently asked questions and answers about connected product cloud.

What is connected product cloud: A platform that unlocks the power of connected products by assigning unique digital IDs to everyday items, providing unparalleled end-to-end transparency by tracking, storing and managing all the events associated with each individual product — from source to consumer and beyond to enable circularity. offers customers an ecosystem of front-end applications (third party software solutions) integrated with the  connected product cloud (an “app store” for digital IDs).

Why has Avery Dennison called it

“atma” is Sanskrit for soul. The vision for is that each physical product in the world should have a unique digital ID or  “soul” that stays consistent throughout a product's lifecycle. A physical product goes through many changes (from raw materials to a finished good) and connected product cloud provides transparency throughout the value chain enabling all stakeholders to see the soul of the product.

What does ‘.io’ stand for?

.io is a very popular domain for technology companies. It represents the fresh approach we have taken when designing

What is new / the competitive advantage of

Avery Dennison offers a smart "one-stop shop" as we are able to provide the label / digital trigger and offer the software platform to create a truly connected product, to unlock the power of data for end-to-end visibility. has the widest suite of use cases in the market, covering the true end-to-end journey from raw materials to the consumer — and all the way back.’s product design philosophy makes the solution modular, and interoperable with any existing business infrastructure, giving flexibility for the business owners to use the platform that truly speaks to their specific needs at the moment, and expands their use of it as they find new ways for it to benefit the business.

How does work? What does it mean for customers, partners and developers?

Designed to be open, easily integrated and systems-agnostic – solves the “market pain” of supply chains using different digital triggers, such as QR codes, UHF RFID or NFC, for different purposes and enabling all item-level data to be connected in one end-to-end platform. provides a single source of truth for brands, supply chains and consumers for truly connected products. The app store approach enables brands to tap into an ecosystem of applications to unlock every connected product use case imaginable; customers and partners have the ability to build on top of's end-to-end platform and tap a new channel for growth. 

How does the app store work and what does it mean for partners?’s app store will enable brands to tap into an ecosystem of applications to unlock every connected product use case imaginable. We are encouraging and incentivizing developers and partners to build on top of's end-to-end platform and tap a new channel for mutual growth.

Is an app? is a connected production platform powering a menu of third party front-end applications. offers a safe and trusted place for our customers to discover and use connected product technology in a more innovative and versatile way that addresses their unique opportunities. Our front-end applications partners range from blockchain/distributed ledger technology providers to those who excel in providing a rich set of off-the-shelf consumer engagement user interface (UI) design templates.

What are the key use cases and target industry segments?

The current focus segments are apparel / retail, beauty / personal care, food / beverage, and pharmaceuticals. The key use cases enabled are:

  • Product authentication: Combat product counterfeits and protect your brand equity: Enable different stakeholders in the supply chain to easily and securely authenticate your products along its journey all the way to the consumer. 
  • Anti gray market: Keep control of how and where your products are sold: By giving every product a unique digital ID, you gain increased visibility across your supply chain and can manage distribution channels more effectively to protect your brand and profits. 
  • Consumer / product interaction: Your products as a digital platform: Enable your consumers to interact and connect with your products directly. Targeted, context-dependent and personalized experiences let your products speak for themselves and establish a direct communication channel with the consumer. 
  • Circularity: Empower your consumers to contribute to the circular economy: Enable effortless returns so that products are recycled or resold efficiently. 
  • Product birth certificate: Turn provenance data into a competitive advantage: Collect and share information about where and how your products are made and what they are made of. By giving each individual item a unique digital ID, you will be able to provide the origin assurance that today’s consumers expect.
  • Traceability: Know where each individual product is — from source to consumer: Capture the full chain of custody along the supply chain and get real-time insights into the flow of products. Our traceability features go far beyond the ability to track finished goods across the supply chain. Our platform enables companies to track on a very granular level which raw materials are used for production and capture the full genealogy of their products. In addition, we enable brands to capture and track the carbon footprint for each product individually.   
  • Inventory accuracy: Establish a single point of truth that you can trust: Accurate and up-to-date information about stock levels in all your locations is paramount to having the right product at the right time in front of consumers.
  • Store operational excellence: Make managing products a breeze: Connect fast, efficient, and accurate stock management processes with an end-to-end unique digital ID. From receiving over replenishment to write-offs, digital IDs will help you to unlock efficient operations in your retail environment and create customer delight. 
  • Distribution centre (DC) operational excellence: Connect accurate, efficient, and even personalized fulfillment from your DCs with an end-to-end unique digital ID. Transform your receiving, picking and shipping processes and make sure that each customer gets exactly what she or he wants, no matter if it’s a retail store, wholesale partner or an end consumer. 
  • Supplier operational excellence: Bring transparency and accuracy in manufacturing processes to the next level: Get real-time insights into how products are being manufactured and ensure that shipments accurately reflect the original order. 
  • Expiry date management: Efficiently tackle the logistics of perishable goods: A unique digital ID for every product enables you to keep track of each individual item — when it was produced, and when it is going to approach its “Best-Before” or “Use-By” date. This puts you back in control and lets you manage your products in a highly efficient way. 
  • Real-time item-level monitoring: Connect sensors that monitor a product for issues like temperature, humidity, weight, etc. with a product’s item-level track-and-trace history to map the end-to-end status of a product’s condition and receive real-time alerts if a condition is outside of acceptable parameters. This more granular level of condition visibility and real-time notification enables faster reaction times and more accurate resolution.

Can be utilized for industrial markets and use cases? is applicable across all vertical sectors. Use cases we have identified are product authentication, anti-gray market, consumer / product interaction, circularity, product birth certificate, traceability, inventory accuracy, store operational excellence, distribution center excellence, supplier operational excellence, expiry date management, real-time item-level monitoring. 

How is positioned against other products within Avery Dennison’s portfolio?

It is positioned as the back-end platform to enable digital ID-based use cases. For example, it will be the platform of choice for connected product solutions sold through the Apparel RBIS  division such as AD Authenticate / the digital care label solutions.

Will only be sold in conjunction with another Avery Dennison product / solution ie. RFID?

No, can also be sold as a platform independent from other Avery Dennison products / solutions. 

How does the platform ensure data security? is a cloud-based platform that stores and manages data in a highly secure and resilient environment. All APIs are secured via state-of-the-art data encryption mechanisms and protocols. Furthermore, data is stored in a highly redundant (geo-redundancy available as option, based on customer demand) way, with sophisticated back-up and restore mechanisms. 

Can include Blockchain?

Yes, offers the possibility to use blockchain (or, more generally speaking: Distributed Ledger Technologies) as a way of immutable data storage. This is achieved through using our partner network (e.g. Hedera Hashgraph, Mastercard, SUKU) that can optionally be enabled for individual use cases.

How is going to help customers / brands become more sustainable? is going to empower organizations with true transparency and from this comes sustainability. For instance transparency means new relationships with suppliers that go into a high level of granularity about how goods are made.

It means they are held more accountable to uphold the highest standards and source materials sustainably. By giving each product a “digital birth certificate” it will mean more re-use and recycling of products, again contributing to sustainability. 

This is just the beginning, as the use of grows and developers build new apps for the platform, new sustainability initiatives will launch that we haven’t thought of yet.