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Enhance Consumer Experience with RFID

Technology is transforming the consumer experience, blurring the line between the physical and digital worlds. As the retail landscape gets faster, smarter, and more competitive–and with today's consumers being more informed, empowered, and demanding–it’s critical that brands differentiate themselves to drive brand loyalty. That means creating customer experiences that go well beyond what is expected, and that starts with RFID.


The Future of Retail

As retailers constantly seek to provide better experiences to consumers, technology is becoming crucial by enabling a link between the physical and the digital world. Discover how intelligent label solutions are becoming the foundation for a connected future where retail is transformed into a seamless connected journey.

In this report Francisco Melo share Avery Dennison’s view on how new technologies are shaping the future of retail by creating customer experiences that go well beyond what is expected. Solutions like intelligent labels including UHF RFID and NFC, open new opportunities for retailers to connect on a one-to-one level and provide complete transparency in their processes. 

RFID + The Internet of Things

Avery Dennison RFID has taken bold steps toward the IoT space with connected apparel and footwear solutions like DirectLink™ an interactive packaging solution, and the Janela™ Smart Products Platform–both powered by EVRYTHNG. While unique in their applications, each is designed to enrich the consumer experience, drive interactive content via smartphones, and enable brands to build direct consumer relationships.

Rebecca Minkoff: Impact of RFID
on the Consumer Experience

Co-Founder and CEO of Rebecca Minkoff, Uri Minkoff discusses why their brand harnessed the power of RFID to empower their stylists, give shoppers more confidence, and bring magic into the retail experience.

The Interactive Fitting Room
Using Avery Dennison RFID technology, this next-gen mirror transforms a traditional fitting room into a smart fitting room that gives shoppers an optimal retail experience and allows retailers to capture critical shopper data.


Shopper Benefits:

  • View item details, like content, country of origin, and available colors
  • Request different sizes and matching accessories
  • View style recommendations
  • Request help from a store associate
  • Select various lighting themes, and a variety of other features

Retailer Benefits:

  • Measure the volume and duration of fitting room sessions
  • Track SKU velocity and conversation rates
  • Track shopper interactions and associate response times to address inefficiencies
  • Create seamless onmichannel experiences
  • Communicate with international shoppers


With Avery Dennison RFID both shopper & retailer benefit

RFID Apparel Solutions

Learn more about Avery Dennison’s portfolio of fully integrated RFID solutions for the apparel and retail markets. Our industry-leading RFID inlays and technologies are adopted by retail brands around the world to help increase supply chain efficiencies and profit margins, while creating meaningful in-store and digital experiences that inform and engage consumers.