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Our Intelligent Labels can
improve sustainability
just as much as the bottom line.

Doing business sustainably – growing while using fewer natural resources and reducing carbon emissions and other pollution – is now a mandate for companies, if not from regulators, then from a consuming public that expects the things they buy to have minimal impact on people and the planet. Intelligent labels can be a powerful tool to help retailers and brands operate more sustainably.

By offering greater visibility into inventories, intelligent labels enable companies to avoid overproduction and reduce waste. See how Intelligent Labels are paving the way towards a more sustainable planet across the apparel, beauty, food and aviation industries.

Love it for Longer

Avery Dennison’s Janela™ revolutionises the care label by giving it a unique digital identity, enabling consumers to access bespoke care advice online to lengthen the life of a garment and provide creative ideas on how to style it.

Food Traceability Technologies like RFID can Enable Food Loss Reduction by 85 Million Tons by 2030*

On a planet that is home to hundreds of millions of hungry people and under urgent pressure from population growth, water scarcity and climate change, reducing food waste is a moral imperative. It’s also a good-business imperative. Despite margins that are already razor-thin, grocers and restaurants routinely throw away three to four percent of their margin by accepting food waste as part of the cost of doing business. In every sense, food waste is unsustainable.

RFID Reduces Lost Baggage to Nearly Zero with more Accurate and Comprehensive Tracking

The aviation industry is supporting the use of RFID which contributes to building a sustainable future for the sector. Our Intelligent Label solutions shine a light on each piece of luggage enabling smarter operations and reducing carbon emissions by preventing lost luggage. With more accurate and comprehensive tracking, the aim of RFID-enabled tags is to reduce the current mishandled bag count of 27 million bags per year to nearly zero.

Make a real world difference with RFID

Our Intelligent Labels technology enables every single beauty item across the entire supply chain to be tracked so brands can minimise waste before it even reaches consumers. Our digital packaging solutions can house lengthy product information reducing the design need for excess packaging. Whilst Janela™ can provide post purchase advice and rewards for consumers who recycle. Our digital circular economy solutions are available for brands of any size, to make a real world difference.

Avery Dennison Joins Ellen MacArthur CE 100 Signals Strengthened Commitment to Circular Economy

Membership in the CE100 reflects Avery Dennison’s ongoing practice of joining forces with customers and suppliers across the supply chain to deliver solutions that can make a material difference in the world. The company believes that meeting evolving social and environmental needs and new business challenges can best be achieved by supporting a transition to a circular economy. 

Solution Spotlight:
SmartFace Technology

Avery Dennison RFID Smart Face Technology

Avery Dennison RFID SmartFace™ Technology removes the PET layer and replaces it with a paper substrate, creating a recyclable solution to reduce environmental impact. SmartFace™ Technology, combined with the new 12 inch wafers, creates one of the most sustainable RFID solutions on the market.

RBIS + NXP: Collaborators on an Industry-First Innovation

Avery Dennison collaborates with NXP to deliver first to market innovation, 12-inch Wafter

We are long-standing partners with NXP Semiconductors, and proud to be not only the industry leader, but also first to market with our latest innovation: the 12-Inch Wafer. This sustainable, cost-effective solution is designed to increase production capacity, improve assembly quality and efficiency, and most importantly, reduce in-manufacturing waste and electricity.

Avery Dennison RFID believes in responsible forestry

Avery Dennison RFID +
Rainforest Alliance

We believe in responsible forestry, not just to protect the environment, but also the communities who rely on forests for shelter, fuel, and food. That’s why Avery Dennison RFID adds Rainforest Alliance-certified products to our solutions portfolio whenever possible. These products contain components sourced from Rainforest Alliance-certified forests, which are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria.

2025 Sustainability Goals:
We’ve Set the Bar Higher.

As part of Avery Dennison family, we are upping the ante over the next decade on ambitiously reducing the impact our business has on the environment and cultivating a workforce that is more diverse, engaged, and healthy.

Putting Sustainability in Action

Learn about all the ways Avery Dennison does more than just talk sustainability. Our commitment to people and the planet is the foundation of our broad offering of responsible, ingenious solutions, including supporting emerging sustainable designers; helping apparel and footwear brands create more ethical, green products; and leveraging our reputation in the industry to deliver positive economic, social, and environmental impact.