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Frictionless Shopping

Our intelligent labels enable you to better satisfy the connected consumer

Online is the fastest-growing channel for food and grocery shopping. Increasing numbers of consumers want to shop whenever they need something, even outside conventional trading hours. Our RFID solutions can help you better operate online stores and apps to keep up with customer demand. We can help you leverage a more convenient, frictionless experience in stores as well, by ensuring products are in stock and making it easier for shoppers to access product information and check out faster.

Supporting case study: METI Initiative

  • In Japan, as part of an initiative by the Ministry for Economy Trade and Industry,  a number of retailers are applying RFID labels to products to reduce the burden on in-store staff.

  • Item-level RFID tagging is enabling a number of features aimed at streamlining the shopping experience. Shoppers who scan a product tag [at the RFID enabled checkout with their phones?] are presented with additional product information via digital shelf signage. Checking out, shoppers can scan and pay for their entire order in less than five seconds.

  • Read more about how Avery Dennison is supporting the METI initiative:

Let's Talk About Food

Food waste, complex supply chains and lack of traceability; the pressing challenges of the food industry are still a real problem. This is where Avery Dennison’s expertise can help you deliver end-to-end transparency from grower to consumer. Ensuring fresh means 100% fresh. No gaps. No blind spots. 

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The Future of Food Podcast In Conversation With Three Industry Experts

In partnership with Question XYZ, Avery Dennison hosted a live panel to discuss "The Future of Food"  among the panellist were Stephen Swartz, Director of Marketing at Just Salad the NYC-based fast casual restaurant with global locations, Roly Nesi, President and CEO of ROAR Beverages and Julie Vargas, Director of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison.

Prospects for Intelligent Labeling Solutions for the Retail Food Industry

Over the past three years, the food industry has seen major shifts in business models, e-commerce and customer expectations. As a result, fully understanding and most importantly adopting technology and automation is likely to become crucial for grocers and retailers globally. 

In the latest report in partnership with Globaldata, the report highlights how major food shopping habits, retailing and manufacturing trends are driving the need for digital transformation through the adoption of technology such as intelligent labelling. 

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