HF RFID Inlay: Circus™ Flex

HF RFID Inlay: Circus™ Flex
HF RFID Inlay: Circus Flex

Robust and flexible structure for enhanced user experiences

Industry segments: Apparel and Fashion. Electronics & Gaming

Avery Dennison Smartrac Circus™ Flex tags have been specifically designed with an enhanced environmental resistance for demanding brand and retail applications. The innovative Circus Flex product paves the way to whole new customer experience solutions featuring higher customer engagement and loyalty opportunities for brands and retailers.

Circus Flex is a small, robust and cost-effective tag. Its flexible structure allows it to be directly embedded into difficult to tag items, like playing balls, jerseys, jackets or footwear. A specialized glob top protects the IC and antenna connection area that makes Circus Flex a highly protected flexible tag. It withstands home washing and drying cycles as well as mechanical stress, temperature cycles and impact stress.

The tag comes with the NXP NTAG 213 IC on board, provides superior performance and offering (UID) mirror functionality. Circus Flex tag is ideal wherever small size, robustness as well as flexibility with top performance is essential. Item-level product authentication, brand protection and many other application areas benefit from Circus Flex. It turns products into digital content hubs at the tap of a smartphone.

The inlays and tags are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management. This ensures a reliable and state-of-the-art product that meets a variety of application needs, where high performance is a critical parameter.

Technical Features
Frequency Band
HF 13.56 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 20 mm / 0.79 in
Die Cut Dimensions 22 mm / 0.87 in
EPC Memory n/a
TID Memory n/a
Product Code Dry inlay 3006453
Wet inlay 3006454

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features in the data sheet.