RFID for End users

RFID for brands and enterprise customers

The adoption of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) and Digital ID technology is accelerating in many sectors. Retail, and particularly apparel, has implemented hundreds of projects with billions of tags utilized, but the use of RFID is expanding swiftly in other areas, including cosmetics and beauty, food production, processing automation, distribution of goods, aviation, automobile and industrial manufacturing, healthcare and pharmaceuticals as well as logistics and fulfillment. No matter which of these areas are part of your business, Avery Dennison is your RFID partner of choice.

Once viewed as a useful tool for tracking items, pallets and cases in the supply chain and being employed to create business value at store level, RFID and Digital ID are now utilized in innovative ways to launch consumer-engagement applications.

A new kind of connectivity that affords radical possibilities for companies and consumers alike

How to get you started

Integrating RFID into your business operations is made simpler with our Five-Step Business Case to Adoption Plan; it takes you from initial business case to full RFID adoption, working in collaboration with our key ecosystem partners. From the start you will experience increased speed, accuracy, visibility and productivity from source to consumer – with the ultimate goal of increased margins and efficiencies. Here are the five steps:

1. Business Case
We collaborate with you to develop and verify an ROI plan specific to your business – and clearly outline the next steps in your process.

2. Custom Solution
We help customize your solution and engage outside partners as needed.

3. Pilot Process
Leveraging our experience with RFID users, we begin with the key benefits and establish KPIs to help you gauge progress.

4. Initial Rollout
We guide and assist user training, change management, initial tagging, and compliance monitoring.

5. Full Adoption
We support the rollout and are available to guide you in source-tagging items – to improve your payback and ensure smooth operations.

Choosing the right partner

A turnkey RFID solution consists of different components such as RFID labels or tags, wireless readers and antennas, software as well as professional services for design, planning, implementation and maintenance. As the leading global RFID partner with thousands of projects realized, we’ve developed over the years a reliable network of qualified partners that we can bring to the table to meet even the most challenging needs and environments. 

To learn more about solutions for specific industries you can look at our Industry Segments and our Case Studies or Visit our ILabs.