TexTrace Connected Textiles

TexTrace Connected Textiles - Integrated RFID Solutions

The TexTrace technology enables custom-made woven and knitted RFID products which can be sewn onto or inserted into garments. It provides brands and retailers with an all-in-one solution for improved inventory management, loss prevention applications, omnichannel operations, contactless checkouts and many other value-adding business processes.

Technology will close the loop to circularity

The technology is powered by the market-leading performance of the latest RAIN RFID chip generations and in the near future can be used with dual-frequency chips to support NFC-based consumer experiences.

Woven and knitted integrated RFID products have a unique, soft touch and feel, offering durability and washability without compromising performance.  

The integrated nature of these products will mean that in the near future they can last the entire life cycle of the garment, enabling circular applications through resale and recycling. In addition, brands can provide useful information on the supply chain, the materials used or the carbon footprint of the garment.