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Driving Leaner and Faster Supply Chains with RFID

Business Reporter and The Telegraph sits down with Avery Dennison's Francisco Melo to discuss RFID in the supply chain.

Times have changed for retailing and manufacturing. Consumers expect a seamless shopping experience, with the ability to interact with brands and conveniently buy products and services easily through a variety of channels. An increasingly digitised marketplace has empowered consumers to demand a personalized experience and transparency around the provenance of a product.

In other words―consumers want to buy something when they want, where they want, how they want - and experience it in a unique way. In order to service these demands, retailers must know what they have, where they have it and how to deliver it in short lead times.

RFID-enabled supply chains accelerate productivity, empowering retailers to exceed consumer demands

Francisco Melo
Vice president and general manager of global RFID at Avery Dennison.

Championing the way forward for supply chain accuracy is RFID technology, which gives each item a unique digital identity that can be read quickly and easily. In a traditional supply chain, boxes and bundles can be tracked, but individual items can often get lost in the process. Integrating RFID increases visibility and traceability of assets, boxes and pallets using a unique ID throughout the entire supply chain. Specific data such as manufacturing location, shipment date and loT number associated with the individual product supports simpler and more effective recall and product tracking processes, as well as contributing to reducing waste.

The Future of Supply Chain special Business Reporter edition hosted by The Telegraph Online, features thought leaders  from across the supply chain industry, exploring how the logistics industry and processes are transforming. In this business highlight Francisco Melo share Avery Dennison’s view on how technologies are shaping the future of supply chain and the key challenges retailers are facing.

An increasingly digitised marketplace has empowered consumers to demand a personalized experience and transparency around the provenance of a product

Julie Vargas
Digital Solutions and Brand Protection at Avery Dennison

RFID optimizes efficiency in the Supply Chain

  • Up to 80% improvement on shipping and packing accuracy
  • Authenticity checking
  • Reduces inspection costs
  • Improved loss prevention
  • Up to 90% reduction in receiving time
  • Increases process efficiency by up to 20% through accurate data synchronization

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