AD Intrace® Cannula

Intrace® Cannula

Personalized ready-to-use implanting kit for animal identification

Industry segment: Animal Identification

Avery Dennison Smartrac Intrace® Cannula is an enhanced transponder implanting system for the efficient and cost-optimized electronic tagging of a huge variety of animal species including pets, cattle, sheep, horses, fish, birds, reptiles or laboratory animals.

Intrace® Cannula contains three components in a single blister package: a cannula; a pre-installed Avery Dennison Smartrac Glass Tag in the cannula; and six barcoded stickers for registration, recording veterinarian treatment and for use by the animal’s owner. The package is made in Germany and programmed with Avery Dennison Smartrac’s specific ICAR code, or optionally can carry a manufacturer / country code provided by the customer.

The thin, stainless steel cannula features a facet cut that ensures a fast and easy injection, to minimize the animal’s stress. The cannula package comes with a luer lock connector, a mandrin and a protective cap at the needle tip. The mandrin is a slim, plastic stick inside the cannula for single implanting use to avoid the transmission of infection. The stick, together with a tiny silicon dot inside the needle tip, prevents accidental drop-out of the transponder at either end of the cannula. Intrace® Cannula is ethylene oxide gas-sterilized and germ-free for a minimum duration of five years after production.

The system is available with two different sizes of transponder, which are made out of biocompatible glass and manufactured in Germany to exacting standards. Optionally, this high-quality product can be delivered with a parylene coating - a feature that stabilizes the position of the Glass Tag under the animal’s skin.

The dimension of the Intrace® Multi Applicator is Ø 2.12 and Ø 1,41 mm / Ø 0.08 and Ø 0.06 in.

The package is available in customized designs upon request. Labels offer space for customized information, e.g. a logo, website address, or other information.

In compliance with international ISO standards 11784/11785, Intrace® Cannula complements the already comprehensive product offering within Avery Dennison Smartrac’s Animal ID portfolio.

Technical Features
Frequency Band
LF 134.2 kHz
Hard Tag Dimensions
Ø 1.41 x 8.30 mm / Ø 0.06 x 0.33 in
Ø 2.12 x 12.00 mm / Ø 0.08 x 0.47 in
Product Code 804687-15PS45 (PREMIUM)
804627-15PS45 (PREMIUM)
upon request (RESELLER)

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features in the data sheet.

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