UHF RFID Inlay: AD-810r6

UHF RFID Inlay: AD-810r6

Fulfilling specific demands in healthcare and beauty

Industry segments: Healthcare

AD-810r6 inlays from Avery Dennison are a great fit for tagging glass vials and other small to medium sized medical and beauty (cosmetics or perfume) packages.

The globally tuned inlay can achieve up to 1.7 meter read distance when applied to liquid-filled glass or plastic bottles. 

The 16mm, round antenna is cleanly cut onto an opaque white PET carrier and is equipped with the Impinj Monza® R6 integrated circuit (IC) that further contributes to the product’s benefits due to its excellent performance on glass and plastic materials.

The Monza R6 chip comes with 96 bit of EPC memory, a 48 bit unique serialized TID number, and an AutoTuneTM feature. AD-810r6 inlays are available in both Dry and Wet Inlay delivery formats.

Like all RFID products from Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels, AD-810r6 inlays are manufactured according to the industry's highest quality standards, as confirmed by the RFID Lab at Auburn University: The inspection body awarded Avery Dennison its first comprehensive and significant ARC accreditation for quality.

Technical features
Impinj Monza R6
Frequency Band
UHF 860 - 960 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 16 mm Diameter / 0.63 in Diameter
Die Cut Dimensions 18 mm Diameter / 0.709 in
EPC Memory 96 bits
TID Memory 48-Bit

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features in the data sheet.