AD-665u8  [UHF RFID tag and inlay]

UHF RFID Inlay: AD-665u8

Superior performance on high dielectric materials

Industry segments: Automotive, Industrial Applications, Sports, Events and Gaming

AD-665u8 inlays from Avery Dennison Smartrac are Gen2 UHF RFID products that perform exceptionally well in a wide array of applications and across a broad range of dielectrics.

The product is suitable for a wide variety of RFID tagging applications, particularly those related to Automotive and Industrial Asset Tracking, Race Timing, and Personal ID Badges. AD-665u8 is an excellent choice for tagging glass windshields, where it can achieve read distances of over 10 meters with a fixed or handheld reader.

AD-665u8 is equipped with NXP UCODE 8 chip that comes with 128 bits of EPC memory, and 96 bits of serialized TID with a 48 bit unique serial number. The product is available in Dry Inlay and Wet Inlay delivery formats. 

Like all RFID products from Avery Dennison Smartrac, AD-665u8 inlays are manufactured according to the industry's highest quality standards, as confirmed by the RFID Lab at Auburn University: The inspection body awarded Avery Dennison its first comprehensive and significant ARC accreditation for quality.

Technical features
Frequency Band
UHF 860 - 960 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 90 x 19 mm / 3.54 x 0.75 in
Die Cut Dimensions 93 x 22 mm / 3.67 x 0.87 in
EPC Memory 128 bits
TID Memory 96-Bit Tag IDentifier & 48-Bit
Product Code Dry inlay RF601207
Wet inlay RF601209

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features in the data sheet.

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