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How beauty brands can protect consumers from counterfeiting

Cosmetics now rank in the top-ten counterfeited items in the UK. Beauty as a category is arguably more personal than a fake leather handbag, and media reports of urine, lead and arsenic in products have highlighted how dangerous this issue can be. It’s dangerous not just for consumers, but for brands as well.


Especially, because 34% of consumers believe that it is a brand’s responsibility to protect them from counterfeiters and 40% complain directly to the brand when they purchase a counterfeit product. 

While Foreo creates beauty devices, rather than ingredient-based products, the brand’s reputation is equally at stake when consumers receive products that break within weeks or have leaky old lithium batteries.

The Future Laboratory speaks with Evan Feldstein, general counsel and vice general manager of Foreo North America, on how the beauty device brand is tackling counterfeit products in the age of the internet.

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