Frequently Asked Questions about Pet-ID

Explore the most frequently asked questions and answers about Pet-ID.

How and where does implantation take place?

Normally, implantation is carried out by a qualified veterinarian. However, sometimes it will be done by Kennel Clubs or breeders if they have authorized, trained personnel.

The exact position of the implantation depends on the animal species. The veterinarian is responsible for implanting the microchip in the correct location.

Intrace Syinge instruction to use

How can I read the code?

To read the code, an ISO 11784/85 compatible reader is needed. Normally, veterinarians and some authorities have such a reader.. 

Is implantation painful?

Implantation is comparable to a vaccination or an injection. All Intrace products have a very sharp needle, of the same quality as used for human injections. This reduces any discomfort to an absolute minimum.

Do I have to register my animal?

Whether an animal needs to be registered in a database usually depends on the regulations in the country concerned. The registration can be done by the veterinarian or by the owner. If in doubt, talk to your vet. We recommend registering the animal in a database in any case, because only in this way is it possible for a lost animal to find its way back to the owner. 

What should I do with the barcode labels?

Each Intrace product comes with several stickers with a number and a barcode. These are intended for sticking into documents, e.g., a vaccination certificate or a pet passport.