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The Future of Retail

Technology is opening up powerful new opportunities for retailers and brands to connect with - and keep - customers

The line separating online shopping from the brick-and-mortar experience has disappeared. Moving from online to offline and back again, from store to mobile to laptop, consumers no longer distinguish among channels. At the same time, their expectations are clear, and higher than ever: They want to buy products when they want, where they want, how they want - and they want a unique experience in the process.

RFID innovations from Avery Dennison—the world’s largest UHF RFID partner—are helping retailers and brands retain and delight customers, while giving shoppers a richer, more reliable and more engaging experience.

“Consumers want to buy something when they want, where they want, how they want – and they want to experience it in a unique way.”

Francisco Melo
Vice President and General Manager of
Global RFID

Seamless engagement

You may know RFID as a solution that improves inventory accuracy by enabling retailers and brands to track individual products on their journey through the supply chain. It’s that capability that also makes RFID a powerful tool for delivering a seamless shopping experience in today’s omnichannel environment. With RFID, brands and retailers get greater visibility into their inventory, anytime, anywhere. That means they can reduce the likelihood a shopper will find that the item they want is out of stock, and leave dissatisfied.

A study by Bain & Company showed that acquiring a new customer costs five to 25 times more than retaining existing customers.

Telling a deeper story

RFID also enables brands to deliver more information, and give customers a richer  one-to-one experience, at the point of sale. Our intelligent label solutions can store or capture information and transmit it wirelessly to a shopper’s smart device, giving consumers the option of learning much more about the product before they buy. This can be especially powerful when it comes to describing how a product was sourced and made, given the value consumers increasingly place on sustainability.

Vela™: Making window displays personal

VelaTM, our groundbreaking, dynamic advertising system for display windows, is a turnkey platform for digitally transforming windows into eye-catching switch-on, switch-off projections of campaigns, promotional offers, and personal content. VelaTM HD liquid crystal display technology enables retailers the flexibility to combine traditional merchandising with innovative and narrowly targeted digital advertising, resulting in a more meaningful and personalised experience for shoppers.

The display window retrofit is adaptable to indoor storefront windows of any dimension, with precise laser cutting allowing projection on any screen shape for your needs.

For more information or to receive an installation estimate contact us here

Staying connected
long after the sale

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) is opening up powerful opportunities for turning once-inert products into smart devices capable of communicating with buyers well after they’ve taken a product home. For brands and retailers, that means capturing previously unavailable data to inform customer retention and future product design. For consumers, it means a more personalized experience, and a more personal connection to the things they buy. Our Janela™ solution, powered by the EVRYTHNG Smart Products Platform, enables products to have a unique, serialized label, which then connects to EVRYTHNG’s IoT cloud-based software. That means every Janela™ product is ‘born’ digital with the ability to capture real-time data, enhance consumer experiences, and make the manufacturing and selling of products more efficient and intelligent. Janela is already proving itself as a competitive advantage in the apparel and footwear segments. We’ll be launching Janela for the beauty and food and drink segments in April 2018 at the RFID Journal Live trade show.

The Future of Retail is Human-first

Retailers today have to operate in a fluid, unpredictable and fundamentally changing industry. But whilst the landscape is shifting, one thing remains constant: human nature. An understanding of the human state and how connected technology can affect it is hugely powerful for retailers. It is the knowledge with which they can play smarter. It creates a science of shopping.

With RFID and IoT technology, retailers can begin to create FLOW OVER FRICTION by responding to consumer tensions in real-time.

Wrapify: the future of advertising

More than ever, retaining customers and converting sales means meeting customers where they are. To help enable brands and retailers to do that at a low cost, we recently invested in Wrapify, a company disrupting out-of-home advertising by paying drivers to wrap their vehicles with micro-targeted ad campaigns and offering brands offline-to-online and retail foot-traffic attribution solutions. 

Why RFID from Avery Dennison?

The company that helped define branding and retailing’s past is also helping to shape its future. A longtime pioneer in materials science and engineering, we are now a global leader in RFID-enabled technologies, with state-of-the-art manufacturing capabilities around the world and more than 800 related patents and applications. After ten years and more than ten billion RFID inlays, leading retailers and brands continue to partner with us from business case development to complete solution rollout. Our products represent “next generation” pressure-sensitive labelling and other solutions that deliver value far beyond package decoration to converters, brands, retailers and consumers alike. Like all of our products, they elevate the consumer experience, help manufacturers and product designers improve product performance, and make supply chains more efficient and intelligent.


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