UHF RFID Inlay: Skyline

UHF RFID Inlay: Skyline
UHF RFID Inlay: Skyline

Combining long read range with small size on metal

Industry segments: Automotive, Industrial Applications

Skyline RAIN RFID (UHF) inlays are designed for industrial on-metal labels, combining superior read range, small footprint and thin spacer layer. The innovative antenna layout allows a very compact label size of 54 x 25 x 1,8 mm while providing a read range of up to 6 meters for a broad variety of applications such as tracking of metallic parts, components and containers in automotive, mechanical engineering, aviation and other industrial markets.

The Skyline inlays utilize NXP’s UCODE 7xm IC with 448-bit EPC memory and extended user memory of 2 Kbits. The IC supports long read ranges and reliable operation in dense reader and noisy environments due to its high radio sensitivity and interference rejection features.

Skyline is designed to be converted into a finished label by uniquely folding it around thin synthetic foam spacer material and adding a layer of strong and resilient adhesive, providing excellent adhesion to a wide array of surfaces. The finished label surface is printable with TTR printers. 

The converted Skyline inlays have been tested for compliance with VDA recommendations for the automotive industry and supported by the leading manufacturing automation companies globally.

Smartrac’s inlays and tags are compliant with ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management and ISO 14001:2015 Environmental Management, which ensure a reliable and state-of-the-art product that meets a variety of application needs, especially in the retail and industrial environment.

Technical Features
Frequency Band
UHF 860 - 960 MHz
Antenna Dimensions 112 mm x 23 mm / 4.41 x 0.91 in
Die Cut Dimensions n/a
EPC Memory 448 bits
TID Memory available

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features in the data sheet.