HF Hard Tag: Maxdura® Mini

HF Hard Tag: Maxdura® Mini

Small size, excellent performance on metal surfaces

Industry segment: Industrial Applications, Logistics, Automotive

Smartrac's Maxdura® Mini are the right choice for applications where the size of the transponder is decisive. With its small diameter and a thickness of ca 1 millimeter, the tag can be easily integrated into OEM equipment such as medical devices to enable maintenance and warranty follow up, or into high-value assets to prove genuineness.

Maxdura® Mini are ideal for integration into client specific applications. The tags are manufactured by epoxy encapsulation which is suited for the production of very small tags and offers reliable protection from moisture and other outside interference.

The Maxdura® Mini in its tiny size has been specifically developed for direct use of RFID technology on metallic surfaces. The excellent reading performance of the 6 mm tag is achieved by means of an integrated absorber foil.

Technical Features
Frequency Band
HF 13.56 MHz
Hard Tag Dimensions Ø 6 mm / Ø 0.24 in
Total Memory
1000 bits

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features in the data sheet.