HF, LF Hard Tag: Maxdura® Disc

HF, LF Hard Tag: Maxdura® Disc

The right choice for demanding conditions

Industry segment: Industrial Applications, Logistics, Automotive, Healthcare

The Smartrac Maxdura® Disc product family is a robust solution purpose-built for use in severe industrial environments.

Made of polyamide and glass fiber reinforced, the tag is the right choice for outside applications as it is very compact and resistant. It is ideal for items that need to be securely identified and that are regularly subjected to high thermal and/or mechanical stress conditions. Examples include items that pass hot water cleaning processes or are used in other high temperature environments found in some heavy industries.

Maxdura® Disc with Fujitsu FRAM IC is especially designed for different kinds of medical applications due to the bigger memory size and resistance to gamma radiation.

Thanks to its new molding and specific modified thermoplastic, the Maxdura® Disc can withstand long water immersion, chemicals and high temperatures.

Equipped with an anti-collision feature it offers the advantage that several tags can be read at the same time thus accelerating and simplifying processes.

Technical Features
Fujitsu FRAM 2k rev.C
Frequency Band
HF 13.56 MHz
LF 125 kHz
Hard Tag Dimensions Ø 20 mm / Ø 0.78
Ø 30 mm / Ø 1.18
Ø 50 mm / Ø 1.97
Total Memory
1000 bits
16000 bits
2528 bits

Please find a comprehensive overview of all features in the data sheet.