L’Oreal pop-up shop: payfree and Avery Dennison advance self-checkout technology

L’Oreal pop-up shop: payfree and Avery Dennison advance self-checkout technology

  • L’Oréal selects grab-and-go technology by payfree in their pop-up store as the stand-alone end-to-end checkout solution in Düsseldorf, Germany
  • Special-use RFID tags by Avery Dennison meet specific requirements of the beauty industry and its products
  • Customers are enthusiastic about the innovative shopping experience 

Düsseldorf, November 21th 2022 - payfree provides world cosmetic leader L'Oréal with its seamless checkout solution in their pop-up store on Königsallee in Düsseldorf. There, the company invites customers to test and shop a variety of fragrances and a range of make-up products. Instead of queuing at checkout, customers purchase their selected products conveniently by passing them through a scanning unit, which automatically registers products via Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags. With payfree’s partner Avery Dennison, a leader in materials science and digital identification solutions, payfree showcases the first grab-and-go checkout in the beauty sector. To meet the beauty industry’s special requirements, Avery Dennison has developed special-use RFID labels that are designed to address the specific characteristics of beauty products. Located in one of Germany’s most popular retail areas, the L’Oréal store is still open until November 27th. 

payfree has already successfully implemented their grab-and-go checkout in other retail segments, such as apparel and, for example at German football club Eintracht Frankfurt. Beauty products, however, are more challenging to tag than clothing: Liquids and metallic surfaces like foil packaging generally inhibit signal transfer during RFID communication. Specialized in label development and manufacturing, Avery Dennison has mastered these challenges with beauty-ready RFID tags. They offer an on-metal tag at a price that makes high-volume tagging feasible. The technology in use at the L'Oréal pop-up shop may pave the way for seamless checkouts, not only in the beauty segment but also for appliances for food or convenience products.

“The beauty industry is undergoing drastic change. An increasing number of consumers find products online or on social media, buy them online and easily switch from one brand to another. Combining our advances in RFID technology with payfree’s know-how in RFID-based seamless checkouts, we can offer brands a unique solution to satisfy their customers and build brand loyalty,” states Uwe Hennig, Director Market Development Apparel, Beauty & Food Intelligent Labels EMEA, Australia, and India at Avery Dennison.

“This pop-up shop is all about the immersive brand experience. Our goal is to excite our customers while providing a number of beauty and shopping services. We want our customers to have a rich, memorable shopping experience. payfree is the perfect partner to achieve that. Their checkout solution requires little space and integrates seamlessly in our store concept,” states Jonas Lischewski, Brand Director at L'Oréal Luxe. 

The payfree checkout is designed to create a seamless shopping experience that meets the requirements of premium retail. To match the customer experience and high in-store service levels, the shopping experience is enriched by a new and innovative approach to checkout, including an automatic item scan and contactless payment. Reducing manual interactions during the checkout process, payfree has designed a fast and convenient shopping experience. Customers just pass their shopping bag with beauty products through a U-shaped scanning unit at the exit. The so-called payfree Bag Fast Track automatically identifies the items in the shopping bag because an RFID tag is attached to every item. Customers then pay contactless by card or digital wallet. 

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