Avery Dennison opens I.LabX in China

Avery Dennison opens I.LabX in China

Digital accelerator to reshape ecosystem for suppliers and retailers
KUNSHAN, China - December 18, 2023 - Avery Dennison has announced the opening of its first digital solutions lab in China. Located in Kunshan, Jiangsu Province, I.LabX will showcase how Avery Dennison connects the physical and the digital through its holistic digital ID solutions to help businesses make smart data-driven decisions, and optimize supplier-retailer relationships with digital intelligence.

I.LabX has two main zones: one for logistics and warehousing solutions, and the other for retail store solutions. Through scenario-based replication of everyday collaboration in the supply chain, clients can understand how digital ID solutions enhance their business operations at different stages and provide valuable insights to enable data-driven decision-making.

In the logistics and warehousing solution zone, digital ID solutions give each product a unique digital identity, helping brand owners track the entire supply chain journey, improve efficiency and inventory accuracy, and prevent product losses. In the retail sector, digital ID solutions improve the interactions between brands and consumers, with the latter able to access enriched shopping experiences and detailed product information. Meanwhile, brand owners can make data-driven optimization decisions based on insights into consumer behaviors and preferences, and continuously improve to meet changing market demands.

Dennis Khoo, VP & GM, ID Solutions & AD Smartrac, Avery Dennison North Asia, says: "Digital technology is a crucial competitive advantage in the future of the retail industry. As a digital accelerator in the Internet of Things industry (IoT), I.LabX is here to empower companies to enhance their digital capabilities, unlock the value of their data, achieve better business results, and secure a future of high-quality development. This is the goal Avery Dennison has always pursued. We're excited to make the most of I.LabX and work with our partners in China to create a new digital ecosystem for supply chains and contribute to the industry's digital transformation."

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