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Could product passports revolutionise the way we shop?

March 2024

Digital product passports (DPPs) are being introduced across the EU to improve sustainability. They capture data about the environmental impact of products, their composition, their production and history. Industrial and electric vehicle batteries will be the first products to have mandatory DPPs, from 2027.

RFID is becoming retailers’ best crime-fighting tool

February 2024

An increasing number of retailers are dusting off a decades-old technology in order to streamline their inventory management, and some experts believe it could go far in tightening up the industry’s loose accounting of shrink and theft.

RFID is the hot decades-old technology being touted by retailers and vendors

January 2024

“Essential.” “Table stakes.” “The benefits speak for themselves.” Over and over, retail executives speaking at NRF’s Big Show touted the benefits of RFID, or radio frequency identification, for understanding how merchandise moves throughout their stores and how it plays into retail shrink and retail theft.

Avery Dennison launches DPPaaS with Burton Snowboards

October 2023

Avery Dennison has revealed the launch of its Digital Product Passport as a Service (DPPaaS), which it claims will help brands prepare for forthcoming sustainability legislation in the E.U. and beyond. The new platform will help Burton Snowboards, the Vermont-based outdoor lifestyle brand, meet compliance rules in Europe.

Redefining the consumer experience with SmartLabels

October 2023

The billions of US items equipped with the Consumer Brands Association’s (CBA) SmartLabel represent a huge opportunity for brands. With customers caring increasingly about the stories behind their purchases, they should be eager to scan a QR code (or search the web) to learn about them.

Connecting the dots: Digital tools helping companies tackle Scope 3 emissions

October 2023

When it comes to carbon disclosure and reporting, few challenges are harder to crack than quantifying the extent of an organization’s scope 3 emissions - estimated by the World Economic Forum (WEF) to represent over 80% of emissions across most business sectors.

While no one is pretending that calculating scope 1 and 2 is easy, they are at least under the control of a single entity to manage. On the other hand, scope 3 is created indirectly by a company’s entire value chain and consumers.

How real-time supply chain visibility is transforming the food system

October 2023

A combination of changing consumer preferences and emerging regulation means that restaurant and grocery businesses are facing mounting pressure to disclose where their products originate. At the same time, more businesses are realizing that end-to-end traceability is central to advancing food safety, quality, and sustainability.

Amazon announces game changing retail shopping experience enabled by RFID technology 

September 2023

Customers can now buy clothing and other fan gear without waiting in line, thanks to an exciting agreement between Amazon and Avery Dennison.  

In a landmark move for the retail shopping industry, Amazon's Just Walk Out (JWO) experience is enabled with radio-frequency identification (RFID) by Avery Dennison, allowing the retail giant to realize the potential for checkout-free shopping of clothing, softlines, fan gear, and more. 

This new RFID capability for JWO shopping is a first-of-its-kind for checkout-free tech. RFID-enabled stores are cost-effective and fast to deploy, and deliver the same frictionless shopping experience customers have come to expect at JWO stores.  

Sumitomo selects Avery Dennison for Falken race tire RFID

September 2023

Avery Dennison will supply its Maxdura Tire Tag to Sumitomo for use in its Falken-branded racing tires.

With an RFID transponder implanted in each tire, information can be read automatically and used to identify precisely which tires are in use from the pit to the track. 

Why a circular dress code is always in style

August 2023

From catwalk to closet, the fashion industry has long been synonymous with innovation and glamor. But today, it's not just about setting trends — it's about leading the charge towards a more sustainable future. 

Avery Dennison is working to address the challenges of textile waste management ahead of incoming regulatory changes in the EU.

Cosmetics industry: Refreshing the approach to waste and overproduction

June 2023

Waste and overproduction are among the issues facing the beauty and cosmetics industry.

Avery Dennison’s report "The Missing Billions: The Real Cost of Supply Chain Waste" reveals that more than 10% of beauty products worth an estimated $4.8 billion are wasted in supply chain.

RFID’s ‘Quiet Revolution’ in retail

May 2023

Zara, Uniqlo and American Eagle are among those leaning on the technology for abilities like self-checkout and better inventory tracking, while more companies join the ‘cult of RFID’ each year.

Smart labels ensure transparency

May 2023

In the beverage industry, smart labels’ ability to ensure traceability have made them a popular solution. 

Pedro Garza, market development manager for RFID Food at Avery Dennison Smartrac, notes that research shows that consumers are inclined to spend more on products that show where ingredients come from. 

How to build a true circular economy

March 2023

Max Winograd, VP, Digital Solutions at Avery Dennison shares his insights on how current innovations are powering the circular economy and how their use is becoming more pervasive, steadily taking us toward a true circular economy that benefits people, planet and profits.

Act now on preparing for EC Digital Product Passport laws

March 2023

Avery Dennison’s commercial director for digital solutions, Lindsey Hermes, warns businesses with European interests to act now on preparing for EC Digital Product Passport laws.

Uniqlo and Avery Dennison innovate with RFID

February 2023

Uniqlo and Avery Dennison have partnered in developing a novel and game-changing self-checkout system. They detailed their collaboration during a panel at the Big Show 2023 and later in an exclusive interview with The Robin Report. Fast Retailing’s CIO Takahiro Tambara joined Avery Dennison’s Vice President of Global RFID Development Bill Toney. Read this insightful article to discover the retailer’s innovative approach to tackling supply chain and product lifecycle efficiencies from the factory to the shopping bag.