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Enabling end-to-end traceability

Today’s consumers want more than just food – they want total transparency in their food supply and they want it now.

They want to know who made it, how it was processed, and where it comes from, all the way back to the source. Our digital ID technology solutions enable companies to verify a food item’s journey across the entire supply chain, from its source to its final destination, and pinpoint any trouble spots along the way, minimizing risk and cost.

From farm to fork

By enabling the rapid capture of key information about thousands of items or multiple crates and cartons at various points along the supply chain, our solutions provide an easily shareable record of provenance, processing and transit information, through blockchain-based systems and others. 

In doing so, our digital ID solutions provide an extra invaluable benefit: consumer confidence. By tracking every item across multiple points in the supply chain, unsafe products can be removed much more quickly and accurately, resulting in faster response and less waste.

RFID and blockchain

  • Blockchain provides a single source of truth across the supply chain, increasing efficiency, ensuring quality of goods, tracking authenticity of products, and certifying provenance across the entire supply chain.
  • All data captured and posted to the blockchain is auditable and immutable, offering an open, interconnected supply-chain network with consistent real-time information available to all participants in the supply chain.
  • By tracing products using RFID with no line of sight required, entities across the supply chain benefit from automated processes, labor savings and increased throughput of digital automation.
  • With RFID, products can be securely traced in seconds – not weeks – to mitigate cross-contamination, the spread of foodborne illness, unnecessary waste and the economic burden of recalls.

Prospects for intelligent labeling solutions for the retail food industry

Over the past three years, the food industry has seen major shifts in business models, e-commerce and customer expectations. As a result, fully understanding and most importantly adopting technology and automation is likely to become crucial for grocers and retailers globally. 

In the latest report in partnership with Globaldata, we highlight how major food shopping habits, retailing and manufacturing trends are driving the need for digital transformation through the adoption of technology such as intelligent labelling.

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