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Creating new levels of efficiency

There’s treasure in your current inventory. Unfortunately, it’s hidden by inaccuracy and sub-optimal management. Let’s make the most of it – with more than a little help from our RFID-enabled tags and labels. 

Our digital ID technology solutions put you in a position to dramatically improve inventory accuracy and management. See what you have, and where it is, with unprecedented speed and visibility. Put the right product in the right place at the right time to improve consumer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce waste. Our solutions offer a particular advantage in challenging omnichannel environments, where managing inventory and expiry across multiple locations, and online, is essential for satisfying customers and maximizing sales.

Optimized inventory management: Wishes do come true

Improving inventory accuracy and management may sound a bit abstract, but it offers tangible benefits for your everyday business – beyond an estimated reduction in labor costs of as much as 50 percent:

  • Quickly and easily track inventory at the item level, rather than only tracking cartons or pallets.
  • Replenish products sooner, reducing customer dissatisfaction and lost sales from out-of-stocks. 
  • Reduce labor time and costs by taking inventory in a fraction of the time required by barcode scanning.
  • RFID can eliminate the need for store employees to manually check sell-by dates item by item. With an RFID reader, they can scan 700 to 1,000 items per second, either on the shelves or in back-stage storage.

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