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Satisfying customers with frictionless shopping

Let’s face it: Consumers not only demand convenient shopping and products of trusted origin; they’re digitally connected as well, which creates new challenges, but also key opportunities, to meet their evolving needs.

It’s the fast-growing number of connected consumers that make online the fastest-growing channel for food and grocery shopping. Consumers want to shop outside trading hours; they just want to shop when they want and in a way that is easy, quick and convenient.

Providing online answers to increasing demands

Our digital ID technology solutions can help you better operate online stores and apps to keep up with such rapidly increasing demand. We can help you leverage a more convenient, frictionless experience in stores as well, by ensuring products are in stock and making it easier for shoppers to access product information and check out faster.

Frictionless at a glance

  • Frictionless isn’t just coming — it’s here, driven by big industry players, innovative upstarts, increasing consumer demand, and now COVID-19.
  • Only RFID provides a frictionless experience for shoppers AND powerful back-end benefits like vastly improved inventory management and better management of expiry.
  • RFID can be integrated into existing retail spaces without a large investment. You can design your stores around your brand, not around your technology.
  • Technologies can complement each other as the concepts of ‘hybrid ecosystem’ and ‘value of technology’ become more important.

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The future of frictionless food 

Frictionless grocery shopping isn’t “the future” anymore. It’s happening right now, as grocers, convenience stores, and upstart brands deploy it in the fight for stomach share. 

In this report, we uncover true insights about the latest changes in the food industry – in a world where COVID-19 has suddenly made digitally enabled shopping not just a convenience, but a lifesaver. 

“The Future of Food” podcast in conversation with three industry experts

In partnership with Question XYZ, Avery Dennison hosted a live panel to discuss "The Future of Food." Among the panelists were Stephen Swartz, Director of Marketing at Just Salad, the NYC-based fast casual restaurant with global locations; Roly Nesi, President and CEO of ROAR Beverages; and Julie Vargas, Director of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison.

Prospects for intelligent labeling solutions for the retail food industry

Over the past three years, the food industry has seen major shifts in business models, e-commerce and customer expectations. As a result, fully understanding and most importantly adopting technology and automation is likely to become crucial for grocers and retailers globally. 

In our latest report in partnership with Globaldata, we highlight how major food shopping habits, retailing and manufacturing trends are driving the need for digital transformation through the adoption of technology such as intelligent labelling.