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Inventory Management

Our intelligent labels improve inventory management and increase efficiency

Our RFID-enabled tags and labels can help you dramatically improve inventory accuracy and management. See what you have, and where it is, with unprecedented speed and visibility. Put the right product in the right place at the right time to improve consumer satisfaction, increase sales, and reduce waste. Our solutions offer a particular advantage in challenging omnichannel environments, where managing inventory and expiry across multiple locations, and online, is essential for satisfying customers and maximizing sales.

  • Quickly and easily track inventory at the item level, rather than only tracking cartons or pallets.

  • Replenish products sooner, reducing customer dissatisfaction and lost sales from out-of-stocks.  

  • Reduce labor time and costs by taking inventory in a fraction of the time required by barcode scanning.

  • RFID can eliminate the need for store employees to manually check sell-by dates item-by-item; with an RFID reader, they can scan 700 to 1,000 items per second, either on the shelves or in back-stage storage.

  • We estimate that RFID-enabled efficiencies can cut labor costs by as much as 50 percent.

Digital Transformation in the Food Industry

At RFID Journal Live!, Julie Vargas, Director, Global RFID Market Development alongside Sowmya Varadarajan, Industry Solutions Executive, IBM - discussed how new business models, e-commerce, consumer behaviour and digital solutions are transforming the food industry.

The Future of Food Podcast In Conversation With Three Industry Experts

In partnership with Question XYZ, Avery Dennison hosted a live panel to discuss "The Future of Food"  among the panellist were Stephen Swartz, Director of Marketing at Just Salad the NYC-based fast casual restaurant with global locations, Roly Nesi, President and CEO of ROAR Beverages and Julie Vargas, Director of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison.

RFID and Blockchain

  • Blockchain provides a single source of truth across the supply chain, increasing efficiency, ensuring quality of goods, track authenticity of products and certify provenance across the entire supply chain.

  • All data captured and posted to the Blockchain is auditable and immutable, offering an open, interconnected supply chain network with consistent real-time information available to all participants in the supply chain

  • By tracing products with RFID with no line of sight required, entities across the supply chain benefit from automated processes, labor savings and increased throughput of digital automation.

  • With RFID products can be securely traced in seconds – not weeks – to mitigate cross-contamination, spread of foodborne illness, unnecessary waste and the economic burden of recalls.

Prospects for Intelligent Labeling Solutions for the Retail Food Industry

Over the past three years, the food industry has seen major shifts in business models, e-commerce and customer expectations. As a result, fully understanding and most importantly adopting technology and automation is likely to become crucial for grocers and retailers globally. 

In the latest report in partnership with Globaldata, the report highlights how major food shopping habits, retailing and manufacturing trends are driving the need for digital transformation through the adoption of technology such as intelligent labelling. 

What's in a Label? Blockchain and the Future of Food and Drink Packaging

Our first article with Future Lab highlights the opportunity for the food industry to embrace blockchain and opens the discussion on how Intelligent Labels will transform the future of retail. 

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