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People are traveling by air today more than ever, and passengers want to ensure their luggage reaches their destinations when they do. With our RFID asset-tracking solutions–including covert inlays and other RFID labels, Avery Dennison is making the tracking and locating of baggage far easier and more efficient than traditional barcode technology. With RFID, bags can be scanned with no line of sight, even while bags are moving.

RFID can achieve nearly 100 percent read rates, much higher than the 85 percent read rate average of traditional barcodes. This saves time and money for airlines by drastically reducing lost baggage, and above all significantly improving consumer experience.

Just ask Delta Airlines, the busiest airline in the world; they have implemented our integrated aviation and baggage tagging solutions throughout their global operations, and are already seeing improvements in the baggage-tracking process.

We also offer RFID solutions for asset tracking and maintenance. Increasing visibility throughout the manufacturing process as well as providing valuable tem-level insights into date specific inventory - such as oxygen canisters. RFID improves efficiencies, reduces human error and increases safety


RFID Takes to the Skies with Delta

In April, 2016, Delta Airlines implemented a worldwide RFID solution to revolutionize their baggage tracking globally, the first airline to do so on such a scale. Avery Dennison RFID worked with the airline to provide its AD-550m5 inlays for the new system.

Integrated RFID technology enables bags to be scanned with no line of sight, even while the tags are moving. RFID can achieve nearly 100-percent read rates, much higher than the 85-percent average read rate of traditional barcodes.

The implementation will help to reduce the likelihood of lost baggage, provide enhanced security, increased baggage handling efficiencies, and improve on-time departures, which all combine to greatly improve customer satisfaction.

According to a recent Delta Airlines press release, the $50 million investment in RFID will track an estimated 120 million bags annually, across 340 stations.

Transforming Aviation with RFID

In the past couple of years, the aviation industry has made tremendous strides in it’s ongoing fight against lost luggage, and the introduction of IATA Resolution 753 drives the industry to take a step forward.

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Innovations in IATA Resolution 753 Baggage Tracking Solutions

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