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Industry Solutions

Industry Solutions

In a world of mass data and mass information, Intelligent Labels help create certainty. Where a connected world can be a better world, full of greater possibilities.

With this future in mind, we’ve been thinking about, making, and improving Intelligent Labels and the underlying RFID technologies for many years.

We describe our overarching technology solutions as a ‘progressive family’; a suite that’s flexible, adaptive, and ever-expanding. From the earliest days of barcode innovation – into RFID & NFC, and now inclusive of pioneering tech like PragmatIC and Wiliot – our progressive family not only reminds us of how far we have come but prompts us to keep our energies forever obsessing over what might come next.

For Retail

With 8 decades of landmark materials innovation, over 15 years of pioneering development in RFID technology, and a global capacity for supporting our customers with insight, quality, service and speed, we bring a unique combination of capabilities that make us a defining influence in the IoT sphere – and the right partner for retailers and brands that are ready to embrace the advantages of digitally-empowered business and commerce.

For companies, our Intelligent Labels make inventories more visible and more productive, while providing greater insight into consumer behavior and preferences. For consumers, our Intelligent Labels enhance experiences and make shopping more satisfying, informative and fun.  

For Converters

As the world’s largest UHF RFID partner, we offer solutions for multiple industries, from retail apparel, beauty and food to healthcare, aviation, logistics and automotive.

Our pioneering approach to RFID is proven to increase inventory accuracy, improve supply chain agility and enhance visibility across all channels. 

Our extensive portfolio of RFID technology covers a wide range of inlay designs for operation in the UHF, HF and NFC frequency bands and for a wide range of applications, from smart labels to temperature sensors.


Why Avery Dennison?

  • We believe in a future, where every physical item will have a unique digital identity and digital life.
  • Over the last decade, we’ve been involved with most major RFID deployments worldwide, helping some of the biggest names in apparel, footwear, and retail capture the enormous benefits of digital connection via intelligent labels.
  • We have a long tradition of working hand-in-hand with both converters and brands to help craft solutions for their specific needs. We advise on solutions, often creating custom products when the right one doesn’t exist.



  • We are the largest RFID partner in the retail industry, with over 1,750 patents and applications worldwide.

  • We produce the highest quality RFID inlays to ensure that we maximize performance potential and end user benefits; we are also the only company with ARC Quality Certification issued by Auburn University.
  • Thanks to our 7 manufacturing sites and production capacity of more than 10 billion RFID inlays per year, we can develop and deliver often complex intelligent label solutions anywhere in the world, at any volume.

Apparel and Retail

Today and tomorrow’s consumers expect to buy what they want anytime, anywhere, wholly on their terms. Brands and retailers in apparel and footwear have been some of the first to optimize the benefits of adding digital identifiers to every product.

In addition to improving inventory accuracy and brand security, they’re using intelligent labels to enable more satisfying omnichannel shopping experiences for customers who shop via a hybrid of bricks-and-mortar stores and online channels.


Intelligent labels are a powerful solution that addresses many of the shared challenges of inventory accuracy and supply chain management facing the beauty industry today. 

Additionally, Intelligent Label’s RFID solutions enable consumers to learn about an item’s origins and ingredients, take advantage of promotions, make additional purchases, and interact with brands and retailers in a more personalized way.


By adding a unique identifier and online connectivity to every item in any inventory, Avery Dennison Intelligent Labels let grocers, restaurants, convenience stores, and food suppliers dramatically improve inventory management, efficiency, traceability, sustainability and customer satisfaction. 

Our food solutions enable inventory optimized for customer demand, greater product transparency, faster and more precise traceability during recalls, and the recapture of profits currently lost to waste.


Of the 27 million bags mishandled at airports every year, you want to know yours won’t be one of them. 

Our Intelligent Labels for aviation offer read rates of nearly 100%, so fewer bags are misplaced. They also speed throughput and help reduce injuries among handlers. Your luggage should be like your shadow. Our tags ensure it never strays far.

Pharmaceutical and Healthcare

Reliable, accurate, and efficient pharmaceutical labeling is vital to patient health and safety. Our Intelligent Labels solutions help to reduce human error and ensure correct dispensing of medication. They also streamline efficiencies, improve accuracy, and help manage costs, all while fighting brand counterfeiting.


As the demand for global industrial logistics grows, transparency and speed become key factors to supply chain performance. Our pioneering approach to RFID is proven to increase inventory accuracy, improve supply chain agility and enhance visibility across all channels. Starting at the point of manufacture, our Intelligent Labels solutions provide end-to-end track and trace capabilities reducing counterfeiting and theft, while also protecting the brand.


Our Intelligent Labels enable complete-level visibility into a vehicle’s journey through the global supply chain: from sourcing to manufacturing to tracking parts through assembly lines and throughout a car’s entire lifecycle. Capturing efficiency, transparency, and welcoming new level of certainty.

Talk to us about how Intelligent Labels can provide a solution for your business.