EuroShop, 16-20 Feb 2020 | Avery Dennison | RFID

EuroShop, 16-20 Feb 2020


EuroShop 2020. The future enabled with the solutions of today

Our traceability solutions improve transparency, compliance and customer experience

This year at EuroShop we showcased the future of connected products. Presenting alongside our customer adidas, we discussed the future frontier of RFID – to drive customer loyalty and offer personalised experiences.

At our booth, visitors could see the impact of digital technologies on sustainability. They witnessed how a connected supply chain can build consumer trust and engagement.

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February 16-20, 2020

Booth A42, Hall 6
Düsseldorf Messe
Stockumer Kirchstrasse 61


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Make a real world difference

Imagine being able to pair every physical product with its digital twin.
Imagine the ‘Who, What & Where’ of every item – who made it, with what materials and where those materials came from – as visible, irrefutable data points.
Imagine absolute transparency and traceability throughout your connected supply chain.
Imagine no more leaps of faith.
And instead… A New Now.
A Post-Doubt Now.
A Now full of possibility.
That invites a new kind of conversation.
Now imagine how to make that happen.

Made Possible at EuroShop

Join us at EuroShop 2020, the number one trade show focused exclusively on the retail industry, and discover how Avery Dennison is transforming the customer experience through digital technology. Meet our team of experts and problem solvers to consult, engage and advise on issues facing the retail industry today, and tomorrow.

Panel Talks

adidas + Avery Dennison: How Real Time RFID Data Unlocks New Possibilities for Consumer Convenience

Consumer demand is changing – it’s getting faster and faster; convenience is king. adidas have been at the forefront of RFID adoption within apparel, offering customers increasingly personalised experiences through digital. In this session, adidas and Avery Dennison will share their insights of a jointly developed activation that leverages the power of end to end visibility.

Featured Speakers

Tsvetan Dimitrov
Director Business Solutions RFID, adidas

Uwe Hennig
Director Market Development, Avery Dennison

Location: Omnichannel Stage 

When: 17 February, 15:40 - 16:00

Avery Dennison + Wiliot: The Future of Customer Experience is Blue

Wiliot is building the first battery-free Bluetooth tags by harvesting energy from radio waves. Bluetooth tags with no maintenance, a paper-thin form factor, and sensors, open up a world of possibilities from a product’s birth to repurposing – delivering an increasingly connected and digital experience. In this session, Wiliot joins with Avery Dennison to share how battery-free Bluetooth is changing the future of consumer experience.

Featured Speakers

Steve Statler
Senior VP, Wiliot

Max Winograd
Senior Director, Digital ID and Ventures, Avery Dennison

Location: Retail Technology Stage

When: 19 February, 15:40 - 16:00

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