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Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions asks leading retailers, “is RFID right for you?”

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Over 50% of the leading retailers are globally assessing, testing, or adopting RFID

NEW YORK –(January 12, 2015) – RFID is transforming today’s retail experience, but understanding what it takes for retailers to successfully implement the technology is essential for success; which is the focus of the Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) Big !deas panel session at the National Retail Federation’s 104th Annual Convention & EXPO today.

The panel, moderated by Mark Roberti, editor of RFID Journal Magazine, will bring together an impressive array of top retailers and RFID experts, including Francisco Melo, Avery Dennison RBIS VP of Global RFID; Pam Sweeney, SVP of Logistics Systems at Macy’s; Joseph Granato, Director of Global Initiatives at lululemon athletica; and Dr. Bill Hardgrave, RFID expert and Dean of the Harbert College of Business at Auburn University. Panelists will participate in a compelling discussion of the essentials for implementing a strong RFID program in today’s retail environment.

“The success rates of RFID implementation are proven,” said Dr. Bill Hardgrave. “It’s hard to argue with nearly more than 95% inventory accuracy rates and a 60-80% reduction in out­ of­ stocks. But not every company considering RFID is fully equipped to take advantage of the technology, and it’s important for retailers to understand this in order to make the technology work for them.”

Over 50% of leading apparel, department store, and mass merchant retailers are assessing, testing, or adopting RFID because of the benefits and successes exhibited by early adopters. According to Avery Dennison RBIS, it is significant that these companies are ready to invest in this technology in light of the benefits early adopters have seen.

“RFID implementation impacts all departments within a retailer and requires strong alignment, from the CEO to all impacted constituents, on the costs, benefits, and operational and systems requirements to be successful,” said Francisco Melo. “Retailers that view RFID as an IT project or as a singular point solution typically struggle to move from pilot to adoption. Competing priorities, lack of alignment on a plan and benefits across the organization have tended to slow progress for many retailers. With over 10 years of experience helping more than 100 leading retailers and brand owners strategize for and implement RFID, our team here at RBIS is equipped to assess the merits, challenges, and benefits of RFID, while building a game plan to take retailers and brand owners from uptake through adoption, and beyond.”

During the Big !deas discussion, panelists will cover the four key elements of RFID­ready retailers, including visibility into in­store inventory accuracy, existence of robust stocking and replenishment programs, disciplined store operations and a supportive and RFID educated C­suite. “If you have these,” Melo noted, “then RFID is the right technology for you.”

In closing, Joe Granato has noted RFID technology’s role in the future of retail. “At lululemon, our guest experience is our number one priority and RFID has the potential to become a key resource to support this focus,” said Granato. “While the technology manages inventory behind the scenes, RFID directly impacts our guest experience by enabling our educators to spend more time with our guests and out in our communities as well as enhancing access to product. For us, this is paramount and we’re excited to continue to innovate on our future guest experience at lululemon and discover the positive impact of this technology for the retail industry.”

For more information, visit www.rbis.averydennison.com and follow RBIS on Twitter at @AvyDenRBIS. To join a live Twitter discussion detailing key themes and topics out of the Big !deas session, follow #RFIDReady on Tuesday, January 13 at 1PM ET.

Avery Dennison RBIS at NRF 2015 In addition to hosting an interactive discussion around the key elements needed to successfully implement RFID, Avery Dennison RBIS launched its new Monarch tabletop RFID and bar code printer and thin­liner Eco­Capacity+ TM supply material at the NRF 2015 EXPO. The ADTP1 Printer is a departure from previously available printer series, offering many unique features including the fastest non­stop RFID encoding and verification and largest supply capacity in its class. Together, the new printer and supply material offer significant bottom line benefits through increased productivity, improved efficiency and reduced environmental impact.


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