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Aviation industry aims to global
RFID-enabled luggage handling by 2020

IATA Resolution 753 is placing the interests of the traveler, and the integrity of the industry, in the center.

Mark Summers
Aviation Market Development Manager Global RFID Solutions 

Consumer satisfaction is key and lost baggage has always been a major issue for airlines worldwide. The aviation industry has widely invested in improving its ability to handle passenger luggage and comply with customer demands. Early adopters like Delta Air Lines have seen baggage read rates rise to 99.5% since UHF RFID adoption, while airports like Las Vegas and Newark have reduced mishandling rates by ~15%. Opening the door to further customer experience improvements.

With the IATA Resolution 753 coming into force in June 2018,  the aviation industry expects the rate of mishandled baggage to drop even further over the next 18 months. The recently implemented policy requires its member airlines to keep track of every item of baggage at four mandatory points: at check-in, during aircraft loading, during transfers between aircraft and on arrival, where luggage is delivered back to passengers.

The IATA Board of Governors recently passed the mandatory addition of UHF RFID inlays to this standard bag tag with the aim of a global roll out by 2020, specifically approving RFID baggage tracking - IATA’S baggage inlays specification is based on Avery Dennison’s industry-leading aviation solutions. Read more

“What individual airlines and airports found historically difficult to implement, IATA has simplified by placing the interests of the traveler, and the integrity of the industry, in the center,” said Mark Summers, Aviation Market Development Manager of Global RFID Solutions at Avery Dennison. “This decision will further enhance the travel experience by addressing the top three chronic customer service issues in aviation, almost eliminating the remaining degree of lost baggage. The net benefit to airlines will be significant”.

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In the past couple of years, the aviation industry has made tremendous strides in it’s ongoing fight against lost luggage, and the introduction of IATA Resolution 753 drives the industry to take a step forward.

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