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Avery Dennison Makes Connected Retail Possible at NRF 2020

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Leader in Intelligent Labels Presents Groundbreaking Initiatives that Digitize Entire Product Lines, Supply Chain and Customer Experience

NEW YORK CITY (December 19, 2019) – Avery Dennison (NYSE:AVY), the leader in intelligent label solutions that bridge the physical and digital, will present its groundbreaking digital labelling technologies that provide end-to-end supply chain connectivity, transparency and traceability for the apparel, food and beauty sectors at the NRF 2020: Retail’s BIG Show, taking place January 11-14 at the Jacob Javits Convention Center (Booth #5319).

“We are looking to a future where we believe it’s possible to create certainty and trust in a world of mass data by pairing every product with a digital twin,” said Francisco Melo, Avery Dennison’s vice president and general manager, Intelligent Labels. “By giving every physical item a unique digital identity and digital life, it enables a truly connected supply chain from source to the shoppers home.”

Bill Toney, vice president of Global RFID Market Development at Avery Dennison, will host the Big Ideas session on “How RFID is transforming the retail model” alongside Dr. Bill Hardgrave, Provost and Senior Vice President, Auburn University and Marshall Kay, founder, RFID SHERPAS. The session will take place on Monday, January 13 from 1:30-2:00 pm (Stage 4, Expo Hall, Level 3). This expert panel will explore how technologies such as RFID, captures the transformative benefits of connecting nearly any item to the game-changing capabilities of the internet for multiple industries. 

The Avery Dennison booth will take visitors on an interactive journey that demonstrates the far reaching, cross vertical solutions across the entire retail supply chain from source to home, across apparel, beauty and food. Booth visitors will be able to immerse themselves in live demonstrations including Avery Dennison’s JanelaTM smart products platform, Wiliot’s Bluetooth technology and interactive screens driven by RFID data to learn more about a product’s provenance and attributes. Guests will be able to explore the supply chain digital experience, gaining insight into the impact of digital technologies on sustainability, and witness how a connected store builds consumer trust, increases connectivity and enables richer consumer encounters.

Avery Dennison is a global technology leader in pressure-sensitive and functional materials, and intelligent labeling solutions for the apparel, beauty and food industries. The company’s end-to-end solutions increase connectivity across the supply chain to promote transparency, traceability, sustainability and consumer trust. At the NRF BIG Show, Avery Dennison will demonstrate what its advanced technology makes possible in every sector of retail business.

Avery Dennison’s Intelligent Labeling solutions for the apparel industry allow all products to be tagged, creating the opportunity for truly connected supply chains from source to shopper. The new Monarch® Pathfinder® 6059 hand-held device enables mobile RFID-encoding, meaning store associates can RFID-encode and label items right there in the store - including clearance items - to enable real-time inventory counts, allowing retailers to sell brick and mortar markdown merchandise online (via omni-channel store fulfillment). Since its launch, the Janela™ Smart Products platform continues to be at the forefront of digitizing customer engagement while enabling retailers to track products across their lifecycle. At the 2020 NRF expo, apparel companies are paying closer attention to how to infuse technology into the shopping experience while supporting the brand lifestyle. As well as offering powerful capabilities for brand authentication and protection, Janela™ also enables brands to act more sustainably as part of the circular economy - helping consumers to make more informed and sustainable choices by providing access to provenance data, materials details and care information to extend the life of a garment, and even recommending places to donate or recycle unwanted garments.

Food and Grocery Solutions:
Avery Dennison Intelligent Food Industry Solutions have made the connected store a reality. Digital labeling technology pairs every physical item with its digital twin, creating the opportunity for frictionless check-out with partners like MishiPay, enabling every item to become a portal to richer consumer encounters.

Another example is the soon-to-be launched pilot with Dirty Lemon health-conscious beverages. Dirty Lemon will showcase the automated solution at Drug Store, a retail concept in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood. The grab and go store utilizes smart vending fridges that are fully enabled with RFID, allowing customers to pay instantly on their mobile. Dirty Lemon is looking at expanding their customers experience with their first connected smart fridge deployment.

Avery Dennison also continues to set new food industry standards for labor efficiency, food safety, traceability and the consumer experience by combining IoT devices, applications, labels and service, in ways that digitize and automate data to uniquely solve challenges experienced throughout the food supply chain. The growing Freshmarx® brand provides an end-to-end ecosystem of solutions encompassing: 

  • Food Prep and Date Coding;
  • Food Donate and Waste Programs;
  • RFID Supply Chain Traceability; 
  • Temp and Task Tracking;
  • Self-checkout –the module is the fastest, most secure way to checkout, accepting several payment methods and allowing RFID enabled scanning and POS integration;
  • Delivery (in-house and/or third party) –customizable, branded information with ingredients, time prepped, and more.  

In addition, Avery Dennison’s Wavesafe UHF RFID Labels increase consumer food safety while reducing food waste, offering a microwave safe solution to accurately tag a wider range of food products and enabling access to traceability information. Proven to increase inventory accuracy to 99% and reduce waste by around 20%, RFID labels offer retailers better control over products in the supply chain and on the shop floor, improving efficiency and ensuring products are as fresh as possible when they reach consumers. 

The beauty industry faces multiple challenges in ensuring inventory accuracy: high SKU count, low SKU width and high shrinkage caused by both theft and products going out-of-date. In fact, its inventory accuracy is far lower than apparel, hovering between 30-70%.  RFID implementation provides an industry-wide solution, because it can provide 98% accuracy. At NRF, Avery Dennison will demonstrate how inventory accuracy can be simple and effective to implement by deploying the company’s on-liquid and on-metal RFID inlays that provide atomic visibility at every stage of the supply chain and in store. 

Physical beauty retail remains crucial to consumer engagement in the beauty sector and, in fact, brick-and-mortar stores increase online traffic by 45% according to recent statistics (CEW, 2019). At NRF, Avery Dennison will also showcase a lay and learn interactive Nordic ID screen that reads each individual product to provide rich product information and present catwalk inspired make-up looks.

For more information about Avery Dennison end-to-end supply chain solutions, please visit www.averydennison.com

Avery Dennison Corporation (NYSE: AVY) is a global materials science and manufacturing company specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide variety of labeling and functional materials. The company’s products, which are used in nearly every major industry, include pressure-sensitive materials for labels and graphic applications; tapes and other bonding solutions for industrial, medical and retail applications; tags, labels and embellishments for apparel; and radio-frequency identification (RFID) solutions serving retail apparel and other markets. Headquartered in Glendale, California, the company employs approximately 30,000 employees in more than 50 countries. Reported sales in 2018 were $7.2 billion. Learn more at www.averydennison.com.

Various third-party trademarks and trade names are used herein and are the property of their respective owners and may be used for identification purposes.