SportZone opts for RFID roll-out following successful pilot

Portuguese sportswear retail group SportZone has reached an agreement withtechnology provider Avery Dennison to put radio frequency identification (RFID)solutions into all of the group’s 12o stores.

Roll­out will start in September 2016 and will encompass electronic article surveillance hard tags, RFID soft tags and integration with SportZone’s main IT systems.

Avery Dennison has said the technology will help SportZone “enhance consumer experiences and improve business and supply chain management”.

The decision to roll the technology out across the group comes after a pilot AveryDennison ran with Tyco Retail Solutions to incorporate RFID solutions into apparel and footwear in two SportZone stores. This resulted in 99% stock accuracy, a 92%reduction in stock counting efforts, a 90% reduction in receiving efforts, and “a significant sales lift”, the technology company said.