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Avery Dennison And NXP Lead The Industry In More Sustainable RFID Production

Read more about how Avery Dennison and NXP are leading the industry in more sustainable RFID production.

Solutions for Retail and Transportation

Read more about Avery Dennison's RFID solutions for tracking totes in the supply chain and perishable items in stores.

Retailers Explore Options for Fighting Retail Crime

Professional retail crime is on the rise. Read more about the different options retailers have for dealing with loss prevention.

Can New Technologies Thwart Counterfeits?

Read more about how brands are adopting new technologies, such as RFID and NFC chips to authenticate products and to help thwart counterfeit.

Future of Retail

Read more about how RFID is revolutionizing the retail industry.

RFID Journal LIVE! 2016 Delivers Diversity of Applications

Read more from thje RFID Journal Live in Orlando as they recap the diversity of RFID in several use cases- from roads and roofs to airline baggage tracking.

Sport Zone Raises Inventory Accuracy with RFID

Read more about how RFID has helped SportZone to raise inventory accuracy to 99 percent therefore helping to boost sales.

Sport Zone to use Avery Dennison's RFID solutions

Read more about Avery Dennison, a global leader in (RFID) enabled solutions, recently announced its partnership with Sport Zone, a Portugal-based sports retailer, on its adoption of RFID

Portugal's Sport Zone to expand RFID pilot programme

After a successful pilot, SportZone is set to roll-out RFID to more stores later this year. Read more..

Sport Zone to Deploy RFID Across All Stores
SportZone opts for RFID roll-out following successful pilot

Portuguese sportswear retail group SportZone has reached an agreement withtechnology provider Avery Dennison to put radio frequency identification (RFID)solutions into all of the group’s 12o stores

Avery Dennison Aims to Deliver Product Info Via RFID, Bar Codes

Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions (RBIS) is launching a cloud-based Internet of Things platform, known as the Janela Smart Products Platform. Read more...

UK apparel market realising real benefits of RFID

Read more about how RFID is set to take off in the UK apparel market.


Read more about the partnership between Avery Dennison Retail Branding and Information Solutions and technology platform provider Evrythng.


Watch the video to learn more about Sarah Angold, a UK_based jewelry designer embedded Avery Dennison RFID technology in her custom made accessory pieces.

Five Tech Companies Set to Change the Fashion Industry

Read more about the 5 tech companies set to change the Fashion Industry.

Avery Dennison Collaborations Take RFID to the Design Room

Avery Dennison RFID highlighted in California Apparel News for collaboration with Sarah Angold.

RFID Trends: What's Ahead in 2017

Francisco Melo talks about food trends in RFID in IoT Journal

Avery Dennison Enables Omnichannel Success with RFID Technology at NRF 2017

Avery Dennison showcased Janela Smart Product Solutions, its latest innovations in RFID solutions.

Americas: Avery Dennison highlights RFID solutions at event

Avery Dennison hosts exhibitor insights session and showcases solutions in food